Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

A pain, especially when,

A) psych’ s not your field of study,

B) you don’t realize it’s a field assignment until 7 hours before the due date, and you down 1 and a half hours in a McDonald’s watching people order food.

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That does sound pretty gross…

Taking Psychology next semester, a little curious about it.

Meanwhile, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is amazing

It depends, I’m lucky, because we’re being very scientific about it, so things that can’t be proved, (like most of Freud’s theories, the dirty old man) are thrown out, or pushed to the side.

Never seen it.

Huh. I’m pretty sure I’m just taking an intro to it, so at least it shouldn’t be too extreme.

If you ever get the chance to and you enjoy the Marvel films, I highly recommend it. It’s quite possibly my favorite show ever, up there with Clone Wars and Stranger Things.

@meepinater Wait, so who’s older between Spectrum and Pixel?

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I dunno

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I’m not a superhero guy, so i dunno. I’ve only see GOTG: Vol 1, and I didn’t really care for it. Also, I haven’t seen CW, or ST, but I’ve been meaning to watch CW.

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There are some really good superheroes out there, you could easily find your little niche. They’re all (mostly) different movies with different tones, and it’s fun to see them connect.

Again, highly recommend it, though it takes a few seasons to step away from its childish target market and branch into the great stuff.

Eh… just not my thing. If they were to make a decent Eragon movie, that I would watch.

That’s how I understand it. I’ve played enough games and read enough books to get most of the plotlines. (Poor Nahdar!)

They’d both be the same age, give or take a few seconds, maybe. In this universe at least, sibling transformers are spawned from Wells at virtually the same time.



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I read the book in, like, fourth grade, found it incredibly boring, haven’t tried again since

Honestly, nothing will challenge Lord of the Rings for me.

He’s one of the most meaningless of deaths

There are quite a few plotlines to “get most of…”

I read, and play alot.

You should pick them up again.

Have you read the Silmarillion?

I know I’ll get a lot of flack for this but I, personally, prefer the Eragon movie over the book because I like the pacing more; I feel like the book takes waayy too long to describe stuff.

God… I lost a lot again.
Was it just chit chat or something important?

Well, what’s important depends a lot on your point of view.

There’s some plot-relevant happenings going on on the bridge.

What exactly?

Why not have a character go up and find out, if you can spare one?

Ah, OK. Sorry.

It’s alright; it’s just that I, admittedly, sometimes don’t feel like summarizing and would rather give the players a place to drop in and get acquainted as to what’s going on though gameplay.

Song and Topside still need to have their talk, don’t they? That’s be an excuse to get her up on the bridge.

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