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It’s an energy blade, like the ones the Elites carry in the Halo games.

As a whole, it should be assumed that all cybertronian weapons are more deadly than whatever human counterparts they may have.

As for Nova’s sword, I’d say it can cut through most metals with little effort.

Gotcha, so sharpness doesn’t matter.

Well of course, but sharpness doesn’t change. A short sword that is sharpened to a certain fineness, is no less sharp than a sword of equal fineness, but twice the size. It may cut better, but that’s because of the extra weight.

So, how are y’all enjoying the battle? I realize it’s lasted a while now, but you guys are getting close to wrapping it up.

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Enjoying GC’s raid, but Nova’s getting exasperating. At least that’ll be over soon enough. Though that may be my fault.

Well I don’t know what to say…lost an arm, lost a blade, lost all of my grenades…

Uhm, it was good, I never expected anything else, Scorchlock’s fight between Bludgeon was pretty great. I liked their dialogue, it was very personal for the two and the tensions were very high so yeah, a battle between minds, ideals, and a physical one at that. Pretty good :thumbsup:

I figured as much. When I designed this incarnation of him for the RP, I intended for him to be the sort of boss that multiple PCs would take on at once- not one guy with a rifle and a few NPCs. I’m sorry for putting you/Laslow in that position.

You guys are on the right track with how you plan to deal with him, though. With the warp cannon and the truce and all.

Like I said. That’s kinda my fault.

@Chromeharpoon so um…how can Scorchlock join the fight against Nova when…he has no arm and only one sword?

Well, first I think Scorchlock should find Forcep, the medic, before he bleeds to death. After that, I think Scorchlock could still use his remaining arm’s blaster, right?

His arms are his blasters, he can form his forearms into blasters, pretty much like in Transformers Prime. Plus where is Forcep? And he could probably use his old forearm and bring it to Forcep to reattach it.

Right, so he still has one left, then.

Forcep will arriving at the battle with Nova in my next post.

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Question, can energon still be made like in the old tv show? Any sort of energy bearing substance, (petrol, stange magoc rubies, etc.) Can be simple poured into a cube that turns it into energon.

I’ve got a pointless theory about @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister’s Blight.

Quick question: when will the fight end?
Fighting is neat, but this rp really doesn’t need another month long fight.

He said it was wrapping up soon enough.

And I’m gonna assume we’re not going to have to beat Bludgeon and co.

No; it can’t.

You guys are getting close. You’re on the right track with striking a truce with Bludgeon and trying to lure Nova toward the warp cannon.

I know, and I’m sorry. It’s just that my activity isn’t what it used to be back in the TOTGA days- school’s been pretty demanding, I have a job now, and I’m applying to colleges. A few months ago, a battle like this probably wouldn’t have lasted longer than a week or so, but things in Salvation are unfortunately just going to take longer now that I can’t devote so much time to GM-ing in one sitting.

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Darn. I was trying to figure out why TF’s would need to farm.

Well, Cybertron in this universe does have some techno-organic areas. I’m sure there are some biomechanical plants that are useful crops to transformers.

I guess.

My thought was that they would farm high-sugar plants, such as sugar cane and sugar beets, and make ethanol to turn into energon.

Perhaps there are plants on Cybertron that produce Energon.

I guess. I dunno. It’s your head-canon. I just like to overthink things like this. (As evidenced in michael’s RP) it’s fun.