Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

Oh yeah.

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By the way, is Laslow’s replacement rifle projectile, or energy?

It’s an energy rifle.

Alright, I’ll adjust Laslow’s style accordingly. An energy weapon would fire differently from projectile. No bullet drop for example, nor would there be any recoil. The wind also wouldn’t be an issue.

Is GC’s shield variable? Can he adjust how wide the shield deploy’s?

The best kind

Alright, let’s see if I can whip my activity back into shape. Kind of been too busy for the Boards, with scholarship applications and work and playing Fallen Order and watching Agent Carter and Mandalorian…


I got that game for Christmas. Isn’t it amazing?!

I just watched episode 8 last night!

Destiny 2 is better :joy: yeah and Mandalorian was amazing.

It’s so fun, and I’m only on Dathomir. It’s got this really cool world to it that I’m very excited to explore. Also, the Clone Wars continuity is insane and I love every reference it gives me.

I got to watch my favorite character die for the second time! But it’s okay, I knew it would happen. At least he reaffirmed the reasons I love him.

I’ve played about the same in both games and disagree

I’ve seen it, never been moved to try it. I’ve been playing Wargroove mostly. Perfect for scratching that advance wars itch.

Also, last I recall, Juliana was asking if Blight was okay.

I have made some updates to the character sheets for the NPCs and villains- namely fixing some spelling errors, making things easier to read, and adding some new enemy types to the bad guys’ roster. Give 'em a read, if you like.

Did some more sketching of this character. Though I forget if I put the last here or elsewhere.


Awesome as usual, dude!

Because I had such a good night during the New Years. Can somebody tell me what has happened so far? Because I lost track of the replies and they are so many, my brain capacity has dropped a bit because of that good night.

GC has almost finished his prison break, and Laslow is trying to get the cannon fixed. Other than that, i can’t say.

Alright, so most of the people fighting Bludgeon have fallen back to the spaceport’s control tower, and are trying to get Salvation’s cannon fixed so that they can kill Nova Prime.

@Chromeharpoon so what could Scorchlock do? With only one arm.

Well, currently Scorchlock and the gang have some time to breathe figure out how to rebuild the warp cannon.

Yeah, but I still don’t know what to do.

Maybe Scorchlock could try and figure out how to rebuild the cannon?

Would he be nearby the cannon?