Transformers: Salvation Signup and OOC Discussion Topic

At this rate, y’all will vaporize him first thing tomorrow morning, and we can finally get off this planet.


Thank goodness we’re finally getting off this god-forsaken rock.

I know. I never meant for us to spend literal months on Planet Omega. Why, in my last game, we were visiting a new planet almost every two weeks once things really got going. But that was when I had more time on my hands and could help move the story along faster.


Combine that with the fact that only a couple of players were actively trying to stop a literal god, and it does slow the pace down a bit.

Now that I’m done applying to colleges and all the hoop-jumping that entails, hopefully that means I can pick up the pace somewhat.

Tell me about it. So, any particular one you’re looking at, if you don’t mind me asking?

Sorry guys, I lost quite a few.
Were the last 40-50 replies important or only Michael and Prof talking with each other?

Mostly Laslow fixing the cannon, Michael starting it up, and Gatecrasher successfully leading a prison break on a planetsweeper, and as such has his own personal army now.

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Yep. Having my own army is gonna be fun… /s

Well, looks like GC’s in his element now. He was always a leader. At least in the past he was, and now he’s got someone to lead.

How strong is Nova in unarmed combat. No feathers, no swords, just his body?

Oh, hello there…

General Kenobi!

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Oh, if only Thrift were there. You know he’d make that joke


Yeah, same with Hydro Rex…with his allsparkian jujubian sayings :joy:

I honestly don’t have a idea what it is myself :joy: I guess it is like hakuna matata.

I’m gonna be gone for a bit.

I imagine Nova is quite strong. Perhaps not quite Strika’s level of strength, but not far behind her.


Well, there goes my Mano e Mano idea.

She was able to take out the Titan Squadron and Tyrannicus who is incredibly strong. Don’t take your chances, to bring Strika down, you need 10 specialist Wreckers and 2 combiners.

@Chromeharpoon after Nova’s gone, where would I go to get GC a new polearm?

Salvo probably sells a few of those.

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I’m sorry, but someone had to do it.

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