Transformers Tailstrike

Decided to build a mythical beast transformer and eventually settled on the anime favorite 9 tailed fox with some added Japanese details. I tried to fill in the beast mode but with the tails and neck decoration there was no room and it made her robot back way too busy.

Robot mode


ok this loos awseome

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Can you show how to make it.

That’s a cool transformation. Nice moc.

One of the best transformers I’ve seen here tbh. It looks great in both forms. Love the tails.

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This moc is pretty nice. As always the transformation function is cool to see.

now that is a zoid my man

This is really cool. Nice job.

Ooh, it reminds me of beast wars transformers. Awesome

Yeah I ended up borrowing a lot from cheetor becuase It made her more solid and I also wanted some of that kitsune inspiration with the tails and fox parts while in robot mode.