Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

She nodded passively and wiped off the words yet again, “What’s wrong with the one on the bench?”

“Jetfire? He sustained a near fatal injury in a battle a few days ago. He’s since stabilized, but has remained comatose.”
Railfire replied.

She nodded and wrote something down on the tablet and lifted it up, “Would a temporary powerlinx revive him?”

Railfire thought on that for a moment.
“Perhaps. The extra jolt of power may be just what he needs. Though I will need to make the necessary modifications to him, and you as well if necessary.”

She wiped off the words, “Temporary, this is a medical procedure, not a partnership. To be clear.”

“Of course. But for any connection to be made, both parties must have the necessary interfaces.”

She nodded. She smiled inside, this might get what she wanted and fulfill her moral obligations.

Railfire then walked over to Jetfire and began to operate on his chest, just above his spark.

“I must ask, do you already have the necessary modifications for powerlinx-ing?”
He said.

She shrugged and refered to a port on her back that looked horribly out of date.

Railfire looked her way and nodded.
“Good. That will make things much easier for myself.”
He said, returning to the task at hand.

She walked over to him and held up a sign saying, “What are you doing now?”

“I’m creating a connection point so that you may Powerlinx with Jetfire. It’s rudimentary and can be easily removed, but it will accomplish what we need it to.”

“Ah I see,” she wrote, “I’ll observe if you don’t mind. I never got to see this process.”

“Not at all.”
Railfire said. Though he was already nearly finished.

She nodded, waiting her turn to be fixed up for the process.

The two would then be nearing a guard who could escort them to Iota.

Railfire finished rather quickly and took a step back.

“Alright. Whenever you’re ready.”

“That there is,” Backbreaker says with an ironic smile.

“While the minicons have all the fun, we get to go around recruiting. I figure we can’t just sit on our tailpipes the whole time; I’ll need to tell Juliana and the Piano Man.”

“Come to think of it. I haven’t seen Juliana in a while. I wonder where she is.”
Maximus noted.

She lifted her board with new words inscribed, “Do I need an update for it to work?”

“No. You should be fine as you are.”