Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

The gaze Bootleg got in response was the fuel of nightmares: a predator locked and focused onto their prey.

He tenses to attack.

"We should probably start running." Seraphicon said right before doing just that, while carrying Bootleg, and heading for the ship. "Guys, we have a problem." He said on the comlink.

Dark let loose another angry roar as he gave chase.

"Whoa, hey!" Bootleg protests. "Y'gotta chill, man; we ain't the bad guys here."

"... Well, most of us ain't, at least."

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He only roars, picking up speed as he sets off blasts in the ground to push himself closer to his target.

"I don't think he can quite hear us at the moment." Seraphicon said, trying to pick up speed.

"Seraphicon to Excalibur!" The Angelicon said in the comlink, the panic starting to set in.

OOC: "The Force moves darkly around a creature that's about to kill." Chiruit Imwe(?) from Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.

"What is it now?!" asks Nightfall.

This is shaping up to be one helluva bad day, she thinks.

"Firestorm snapped!" He said, Dark was closing the gap. "And now Dark is trying to catch up to me and I don't think it's to talk."

Beta Maxx reverts to robot mode and plants himself in Firestorm's path.

"Firestorm, listen to me!" he implores. "This isn't going to solve anything!"


He yelled, his voice roaring with rage, as he didn't show signs of slowing down.

OOC: he'll need to be tranquilized if you don't want Beta to risk becoming akin to roadkill.

OOC: Imwe

IC: Zipline purposely falls in Dark’s path, planning to trip him.


The tactic succeeds...all too well.

Dark gets up and glares at Zipline. Growling and pawing at the ground as he readies to attack Zipline.

OOC: thanks for the correction. Fixed it.

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“Come at me, Tiny!” Zip challenges, rocket launcher loaded.

"Whoa!" shrieks Bootleg.

"You!" he says, pointing to Zip, "Put the rocket away!"

"You!" he calls to Firestorm. "Simmer the frak down!"

“Can I just explode him to tiny bits once?”


“Aw,” Zipline whines, chucking he launched in the air, having it only to come down on his head.

"Now you know everythin's goin' to slag when I'm the one talkin' sense," Bootleg muses to himself.

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Dark growled and roared like a beast, even his movements were animalistic with him hunched over and almost on all-fours. He turned erratically, trying to determine which thing to go after first.

"Beta, we may need to sedate him somehow." Seraphicon says, not wanting to hurt the Knight.

Dark, upon hearing this, quickly turns to face the Angelicon and Beta Maxx. He hissed and growled with anger, feeling like that was some sort of challenge.

"Uh... down boy?" Bootleg tries.

I just frakked up, didn't I?

Nightfall and Salvage heft Simulare into a CR chamber. The injuries he sustained from a 25000-foot fall at terminal velocity, while at the same time withstanding a barrage from the arsenal of Megabolt, were beyond what even a CR chamber could fully repair. The machine would do its' best, but repairs would take a while, and Simulare would suffer lasting effects from his grievous wounds.

Sol looked him over, that was a dumb move...

Firestorm charged immediately. Bootleg was his target.

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"Yeah, I frakked up!" Bootleg realizes as he scrambles to get out of harm's way.

"Did someone say 'sedate'?" asks Liege Maximo as he rolls one of his darts between his fingers.

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