Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

“Whoa!” shrieks Bootleg.

“You!” he says, pointing to Zip, “Put the rocket away!”

“You!” he calls to Firestorm. “Simmer the frak down!”

“Can I just explode him to tiny bits once?”


“Aw,” Zipline whines, chucking he launched in the air, having it only to come down on his head.

“Now you know everythin’s goin’ to slag when I’m the one talkin’ sense,” Bootleg muses to himself.

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Dark growled and roared like a beast, even his movements were animalistic with him hunched over and almost on all-fours. He turned erratically, trying to determine which thing to go after first.

“Beta, we may need to sedate him somehow.” Seraphicon says, not wanting to hurt the Knight.

Dark, upon hearing this, quickly turns to face the Angelicon and Beta Maxx. He hissed and growled with anger, feeling like that was some sort of challenge.

“Uh… down boy?” Bootleg tries.

I just frakked up, didn’t I?

Nightfall and Salvage heft Simulare into a CR chamber. The injuries he sustained from a 25000-foot fall at terminal velocity, while at the same time withstanding a barrage from the arsenal of Megabolt, were beyond what even a CR chamber could fully repair. The machine would do its’ best, but repairs would take a while, and Simulare would suffer lasting effects from his grievous wounds.

Sol looked him over, that was a dumb move…

Firestorm charged immediately. Bootleg was his target.

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“Yeah, I frakked up!” Bootleg realizes as he scrambles to get out of harm’s way.

“Did someone say ‘sedate’?” asks Liege Maximo as he rolls one of his darts between his fingers.

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Rai’kaiser toyed with the corrupt energon vile between his fingers that simulare had dropped while being dragged, analysing it

Dark charged at Bootleg, not stopping until he made something suffer.

“Sedate but do not kill.” Seraphicon requested.

“Sorry, pal,” Bootleg preemptively apologizes as he deploys his weapon arm, the barrel of the plasma cannon glowing blue. “I ain’t gonna enjoy this!”

At the same time, Liege hurls the dart at Firestorm’s back; the cybervenom within would force the headmaster into stasis.

Dark was about to dodge to the side but got hit by the dart and went down like a dead bot. The weakly glowing lights indicated that he was still alive.

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Bootleg sighs in relief, retracting his weapons.

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Seraphicon gently picks up Firestorm, “We should probably check him at the medbay to see what exactly happened to get him like this.” He said.

The NPCs in the area agree.

Seraphicon takes flight and heads to the Excalibur, bringing the Knight and Bootleg to the medbay.

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