Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age


"Eight-thirty and last offer."


"I said last offer."

"Well, that's a shame. Looks like we're out of your price range."

He sighed and threw them a bag with the requested amount of Shanix.

"Then again..." Tricorder says, grinning as he accepts the bag.

Voltex: "You dare to spat im my face, and tell me, that I by my fathers very own blood, im not the person to represent my company ? And that it needs a new Direction ? Im sorry to disappoint, but my company´s direction, is just doing fine.

You only want my weapons and technology, and that I can´t afford doing. I have already done bad stuff, by giving you my share hold of the company, it means the end of our world.
If you didn´t already notice by now..I will tell you very simple and spat on your face, as you did to me. I The Rightful Owner Of PaxTech Industrie Company declines your offer."
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"First thing first, show me a building that we can use as base."

"If by direction, you mean attempting to sabotage your opponent's companies by extreme acts of violence, then go ahead. Your world is already ending, mister Voltex, and your only rightful place is rotting in a detention cell. "

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Voltex: "I have made my decision, now either you leave me here, or I leave ."

"Pardon me, Sir?"

Voltex: "You heard me right, you are not a honourable lawyer, you just wanted my weapons, technology and my company, but you will never going to get it, that I swear by my own spark"

"You are one to speak of honor, but alas, a Corporation cannot be run from a jail cell."

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Voltex smiled "You must be the biggest fool, Cybertron has ever seen, have you forgot that my sister Jade Pax is the Co-Owner of PaxTech ? So let just say im gone for a while, like now, who do you think. Is running the company right now, as we speak ?"

"I wasn't the one who went on a murder spree to test my opponent's security. Let's be honest here, Mister Voltex, do you really think you'll just be gone for a while?"

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"Either way, when im here in the cell, my company is in good hands, and very far away from your hands"

"Well, then goodbye, Mister Voltex. It has been said that only a fool represents himself in court, but you seem to have it well in hand."

Hecate was in the living room of the office. She was looking angry at the PaxTech Tower in the distance, her optics still a little red after the crying. She could feel the range, but Clara quickly stopped her from a screen.
"Ma'am. Are you all right?"
"Yes. Yes I am."
"Want to do something for you?"
"Yes. Make a note: from now, DroneMax cut every link with PaxTech."
"Even your relation of friendship with Jade Pax?"
"I just want to see her daring to call me again."

"Dont worry about me, im not the fool here, which tries to steal companies from others, like I said, you have to be the biggest fool the universe has ever seen" Voltex began to laugh and continued laughing