Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

The Javelin and its’ escort reenter normal space above Cybertron.

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“At least I don’t steal lives from others,” he mumbled, exiting the room.

Voltex stilled laughed and said “Go away you punk, the world doesn´t need you” he still laughed

Modex has already exited the room, and thus hadn’t heard him.

Salvage cracks his knuckles as Bootleg readies his weapons.

“It’s time to kick aft an’ chew gum!” the malfunctioning minicon proclaims.

“Really?” Salvage inquires. “That line?”

“It’s a classic pre-aft-kickin’ one-liner,” Bootleg defends himself.

“Huh Idiot, trying to steal my company” Voltex waited for the police to take him to court @Chromeharpoon

Windstripe wanders around the Javelin. It’s the first time he’s been in a ship like this.

Asrar, Adversary, and Soudrange form a team together. They go over their gear and try to form some battle strategies.

“You may speak with my former client,” Modex said to one of the officers,“His case should be a rather simple one, given that Mister Voltex is physically incapable of pulling himself out of the hole he’s dug himself into. So, so guilty.”

Nemesis Prime watches from the Primal Basilica as the five warships descend.

The six-changer nods in reply.

Both Skorn and Ironjaw were ready to kill some Terrorcons.

“trace higher amounts of dark energon,” orders haliaetus, putting the pad away

Modex exited the station.

The highest concentration of the substance was in and around the Primal Basilica.

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The Vector Sigma team was called to the hangar.

Skorn ran towards the hangar. Ironjaw headed there as well.

“prepare to fire all weapons.”

“I say we draw the heralds and their forces out of Iacon,” Glaive says. “That would reduce damage to the city and minimize civilian casualties.”

“But how do we do that?” a helmsman asks.

Daybreak was silent, knowing one such way.

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Modex took one last look at the Station, before walking into the City.

Sol was in the hangar, waiting

Haliaetus looked to daybreak, raising an eyebrow

S.Steel grins. He guesses that plan 1-b is now useless. He’s going for plan 2-a now, otherwise called a full on attack. He goes over to the Basilica ready to fight.

Windstripe heads to the hangar. He’s ready to fight.

The trio decides to call themselves the “Neo-wreckers”. They go with the volunteers to fight the heralds.


“I know a way to draw them out,” Daybreak confesses.

The heralds all stood outside, watching the fleet. The infernocons had merged into Infernocus, expecting a battle.

A small dropship had been prepared for the Vector Sigma team.

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