Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

Skorn quickly entered in it. As did Ironjaw.

“spill it.”

Daybreak swallows.

“Inform them… inform them that we have the Matrix of Leadership in our possession,” she says, hesitantly.

“…do we?”

“Yes, we do.”

“that is important to know.”

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Windstripe heads to the dropship.

Symphony Steel sees the heralds. He remarks,
“Was this unexpected?”
He pulls out five bullet-like objects. They are the Lukythian Warp Stars. He flicks one of the stars and it shoots off in a straight line. The star activates and it flies around S.Steel. He scoffs,
“I would say I’m ready…but I’m not really ready for you guys.”

Team Neo-Wreckers prepares for battle. Adversary transforms into his sword-mode. He’s going to be the surprise.

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“The angelicon was insistent that our possession of the Matrix be kept secret,” Daybreak says.

“You’re so right,” Nemesis Prime affirms as he turns to face Symphony.

Haliaetus swore under his breath

“So, who’s making the call?” Glaive asks.

“very well, reveal the Ace.”

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Hornblow was waiting for the two’s response.
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Glaive opens a channel to the Basilica.

“Good evening Nemesis Prime,” she says. “By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the five cruisers hanging low just outside Iacon. Well, I’m just calling to let you know that one of those five is carrying a little Doohickey that I’m sure will catch your attention. Of course, the Thingamabob in question is none other than the Matrix of Leadership.”

Nemesis’ eyes narrow as he hears the news, and he turns his head to glower at the warships beyond the city limits.

“You want it, right? In that case, I invite you and yours to come try and pry it from our cold, dead fingers.”

“How may we be of service?” Phaser asks.

S.Steel chuckles,
“On what, my lack of readiness or the unexpected visitors?”
Symphony Steel replies,
“I’ve been dying for a chance to fight you guys ever since the war. I was a soldier in that war. I fought in that war against Unicron…and I still have my regrets and I still have my plans. My first plan is to destroy all the remains of Unicron. Sadly that includes all beings that use Dark Energon.”
The star that is circling flies off and attempts to hit Ramjet.

The Neo-wreckers await their chance to storm the battle field.

Windstripe enters the dropship saying aloud,
“The ends do not justify the means and the means do not justify the end. Only history will justify our actions today…and history is written by the victorious.”
He doesn’t pay to much attention to those around him, but he seems rather worried for the coming battle.

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“Do you know a building that may serve as a base? That also has a landing spot?”

The star tears through Ramjet’s head. Soon after, however, it reconstitutes.

“I must admit,” he says, snapping the head back into place, “I felt that a little.”

“If you’ll excuse us,” says Nemesis, “we have some business to attend to, from the sound of things.”

“There are plenty.”

“drop off our forces here,” he said pointing at the tomb of the primes

Glaive nods and orders the fleet to deposit their ground troops at the tomb.

Lifter drops down and combines, cracking his knuckles

“I want the most militaristic one. One that may also contain weapons and, why not, Energon resources.”
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