Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

S.Steel follows the heralds from a distance.
Team Neo-Wreckers are with the army. Asrar holds his giant sword and Sound hovers in helicopter-mode.

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Haliaetus firmly stands his ground

While the suit was almost finished. Jade could see out of the window, there was 5 warships and a army on Hydrax Plateau.
Jade: “Oh no what is happening…another invasion, but my brother he is locked up, what should I do? " Then she remembered what Voltex said, a time ago. Flashbacks are playing.
Voltex: " Jade, I want you to know, that if something happens to me, and I dont make it, I want you to take the Company, and the mantle of warrior.”
Jade: “But Brother I cant…im not as skilled as you…”
Voltex: “I know that…but because of that, your will is stronger then mine, one they…you could surpass me.”

The Flashbacks ended. Jade knew what she had to do, since the suit didnt bond with her brother, it didnt formed a gender. So she took the Mantle Of Warrior upon herself. She said to the AI Computer, to integrate a new AI with a battle mode. Since she wasnt much trained in martial art, she added a AI to help her.
But she knows some moves from her Brother, so she isnt defenseless.

She called the AI Joy. The suit was completed, she took the necklace and activated with a single thought, and the Nanotech-armor-suit wrapped around her body. And those she was born, the new warrior. “Black-Wolf”.
So she opened the windows of PaxTech Tower, and jumped out of the building and she activated her flight mode, and was going towards Hydrax Plateau.

“You do realize this is a trap, right?” Megabolt asks Nemesis.

“Of course it is,” comes the false Prime’s reply. “But when has that ever stopped us?”

Jade arrived at Hydrax Plateau. And she could see closely the army. And she lands on the ground.

Dynamo saw the threat from where he was and flew to the scene, smashing into the ground,“I’m here to stop you blokes before it all goes to pot!”

Modex held up a burner communicator to his head before saying,“Miss Fury, I have a certain job for you. Bring your club, there are a few heads that need to be bashed in. Sending you the coordinates now.” ending the call, Modex crushed the device and disposed of it.

S.Steel hurries to the army. His four stars follow him.

Asrar is with the army at the Hydrax Plateau. He’s holding a giant sword.
Soundrange hovers ready to fire. Team Neo-Wreckers is ready.

Windstripe is still at the dropship, waiting to arrive at his destination.

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@BlackBeltGamer98 @Toa_Vladin @Jcton The Vector Sigma team would depart shortly.


The legions of the undead could be seen barreling across the metal plains toward the plateau, with the heralds in the lead.

“Come on you lot!” Dynamo shouted at the hoard.

“fire!” Ordered haliaetus, pointing his Pike forgot

Asrar and the Neo-Wreckers run out to meet them. Soundrange lays down cover fire, mainly focusing on lowering the number of terrorcons. Asrar transforms into a griffin and goes bestial on other terrorcons. Step 1 of the Neo-Wreckers: Crush all the weaklings, then take on a boss. The giant sword that Asrar was holding flies around him, waiting to be used.

Symphony Steel catches up and uses his four Lukythian warp Stars to destroy more of the terrorcons. He soon sees the Neo-Wreckers.

Windstripe sits in the dropship. He takes out the Key of Vector Sigma and looks at it briefly, before hiding it on his person again.

The army opens fire upon the undead, who respond in kind. The opposing forces surge forward to meet one another.

“Gestalts on infernicus,” he then orders, keeping an eye on megabolt

The two gestalts rush for Infernocus as Megabolt charges the cannon on his back. The green herald transforms his right forearm into a singularity cannon and fires upon clusters of soldiers, swinging at any that got close with a spiked flail.

Lifter punched at infernicus’s face as haliaetus calmly walked towards megabolt

Infernocus catches Lifter’s punch with his left hand and growls, swinging a powerful punch of his own at the Power Core Combiner’s abdomen.

Two terrorcons sprint at Haliaetus.

@Chromeharpoon The sword splits from Asrar and flies over to the two terrorcons, where it would try or attempt to ram/ stab them.

Asrar continues destroying the terrorcons, by ripping, crushing, tearing, and biting them apart.

Soundrange lays down more cover fire.

S.Steel comes up from behind them army, his four Lukythian Warp Stars doing a number on the terrorcons.

The legs detached and ram at infernicus’s feetas the other arm punched at his face

Haliaetus swung his Pike so the blade would cut through the pair

One terrorcon is bisected, while the other rolls to avoid the sword…

…Only to meet its’ end at the point of Haliaetus’ pike.

Infernocus kicks the two drones away as the punch catches him across the jaw.

Many terrorcons fall before the forces of good, but countless more continue to swarm the area around the plateau.

The sword chases down the other terrorcon.

Asrar and Soundrange continue hunting down the terrorcons.

S.Steel kills what he can from behind the army.