Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age

A great many terrorcons take notice of Symphony and begin to swarm him, undeterred by the stars.

He hovers above most their reach and any that fly up to meet him would find him with his improved sonic sword.

Haliaetus picked up pace and heads towards megabolt

Megabolt pauses from his rampage to grin sadistically at Haliaetus, whirling his flail.

Flying terrorcons attack Symphony from all sides, though a few are cut down by the sword.

“well hello beautiful,” said haliaetus smugly

The giant sword (Adversary) flies over to Haliaetus. It seems to be offering its usage as an sword.

Symphony Steel was an experienced warrior and so flew higher.

Good evening,” Megabolt hisses as he swings the flail in a downward arc at Haliaetus’ head.

Five terrorcons give chase, rushing upward.

He dodged to the left, “not one for conversation, or just to dumb for it?”

“I find banter such as this superfluous,” answers Megabolt as he swings the flail from the left at Haliaetus’ legs.

Haliaetus again dodged, analysing megabolt’s armor for weak spots “do you now? After I came all this way to meet you, so rude,” he replied, his tone condescending

The joints of the green herald seemed like a possible weak point. Megabolt retracts the flail, replacing it with a spike of Dark Energon which he thrusts at Haliaetus’ face.

Caught off guard he turned so the his left wing was aligned with megabolt’s shoulder, though the blade damaged his mouthplate, “oh, you’re quite armed” he replied before spinning his left propeller

The blades scrape against Megabolt’s armor, eliciting a grunt. The herald backs up, firing a burst of plasma at Haliaetus’ feet.

“guns, in melee combat? How unhonorable.” He said, dodging and thusting his Pike at the same spot that was hit before

Megabolt catches the pike with his left hand and moves to deliver an uppercut with his right.

Haliaetus was hit and staggered back “oh my, that quite hurt.”

“So, infinite knowledge? You think that would mean… spoilers? For my favorite shows and stuff? Doesn’t sound worth it,” Zip thinks out loud.

“Then you’ll be glad to know I will be keeping you from accessing it,” Cargo smiles. He doesn’t know how the Sigma works, but he assumes it won’t just blast anyone in its proximity with its “powers”.

Symphony, controlling the warp stars, guide the projectiles to meet four of the five terrorcons. He plans to finish the last one himself.

The giant sword (Adversary) flies over to Asrar. Asrar grabs the sword with his mouth (Still in griffin-mode) and uses it to slay more terrorcons. Soundrange continues laying down the covering fire, hopefully destroying more terrorcons.

Windstripe sits in the dropship, wondering how the rest are fairing.

Against his better judgment, Seraphicon would go with them, praying for their success and maybe helping access the old systems.

Dicius and Hecate observed that the Terrorcons were heading for Hydrax Plateau.
D: “Oh, my! Something is happening.”
“We should go there.”
“Are you sure?”
“Very sure.”
The two tookthe elevator to the geound floor and left the building. They transfor ed and rolled for the Plateau.

Hornblow was waiting forthe two’s response.

Skorn was a little anxious, while Ironjaw was ready to show why he was a top wanted criminal.