Transistor (The game)

I would like to hear your thoughts on this gem of gaming.
Seriously, I only need to point out the soundtrack as to why I think its amazing.


So what is it exactly?

Its similar to Bastion in terms of the level of customization you get with all of your abilities and the atmosphere is a pseudo-distopian future, mixed in with an artstyle similar to what you would see with the Jewish artist Gustav Klimt. The music I already said is amazing, totally makes you get into the whole game, also the story really shines threw because of it.

Transistor Trailer

Artstyle inspired by Gustav Klimts artwork.

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This looks outstanding visually.

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You should try it, its fairly cheap on steam now.

OH YEAH! I remember seeing this on youtube.

A soundtrack does not make a game/movie, in my opinion. I personally love some of the Transformers soundtracks, yet don't like the franchise at all.

I don't know much about the game itself though.

The music makes 30 percent of the games appeal, the other part is gameplay (which this game delivers with a number of customizable abilities) and story (which is a nice one).