Translation of a website that is LEGO Legends of Chima-related into English

I need some help in translating a website's webpage into English from Russian that may have news in regarding future LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series episodes!!!!! (Google Trabslate doesn't seem to work for me, after I tried several times!!!) The webpage's link is:

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Yeah..... Good luck with that. I doubt you'll find many Chima fans here.

I have a plugin which translated it. Would you like me to post screenshots?

EDIT: Doesn't look like their saying much of relevance. What information are you looking for specifically?


Does it mention anything about future LEGO Legends of Chima episodes after Episode 39 (or the thirteenth episode of Season 3)??? (If it does so, can you please show screen shots of the translated into English version?)

@Matoro Why do you say that???

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because Chima's not very popular among Bionicle fans.

Well gee, don't I feel like a chump.

It was growing on me with this new season.

"not very popular"
I never said it's not liked at all. It's just not like super popular among Bionihippies like Ninjago became

Oh, I see what you mean there. [For the record: I'm not much of a LEGO BIONICLE fan (nor a LEGO Technic fan in general), as I'm a LEGO System fan!]

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