Transportation problems

So this morning I was 20 minuets late for school… Because my bus decided to not turn up. I got there a good 12 minutes before it’s meant to arrive so there’s no way I missed it.
But I stood my ground, and with 10 minutes to get to school, I got on the bus that came like 15 minutes later…
Have you guys got any stories like this?


I got hit by a truck.

That was fun…


Is that even a transportation problem?
… Wait are you little Johnny? Is that why you dropped your ice cream? (Hope that wasn’t too insensitive…)

Too many times have I been late for Jazz band (takes place before school) because my sister (does jazz choir at the same time) takes waaay to long to get ready. We both have to arrive in the same vehicle so thats my transportation problem



it tells me that even idiots can get truck licenses.


Fair enough

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Our bus broke down on the road on a field trip. We waited there for 3 hours. Eventually, people started sing “1000 bottles of beer on the wall” as…“entertainment”…


Alright. So after Thanksgiving dinner, me, my mom, and my little brother leave my aunts house in Portland. When we get into the car, it won’t start. The battery is charged, and it has a full tank of gas. For what ever reason, it will not start. We try a few different things, nothing is working, its late at night, cold, and pouring down rain. My uncle decides to drive us home in Vancouver, and my parents will get the car in the morning when its daylight. The next day, my dad gets sick, and we decide to wait another day. (What could possibly go wrong) My mom wants to take me and my brother to some Xmas thing in downtown Vancouver. We have fun for a few hours, and when we get back to the car, the battery is dead. (That’s what went wrong) And the worst part is, my dad can’t come get us or give my mom’s car a jump start, because his is still in Portland. We didn’t get home until sometime after 10:00 PM.


I had a bus break down right before we were supposed to go home after a cross country meet once and my school bus has been really late a couple of times. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else

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I stood in the cold for fifty minutes straight, waiting for a bus that never came. Eventually my school decided to send a second bus, which took an extra 20 minutes to arrive. And it skipped a stop.

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Two days ago, I watched a bus break down on a one way street in front of my bus. Fortunately, unlike the car and two other busses in front of my bus, we were close enough to the school parking lot to take an alternate exit and avoid getting trapped for untold hours. I can’t help but feel sorry for whoever was on that broken down bus that day.

It’s tough when the interstate on the list of worst interstates in the USA is one of your main routes of travel.

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Trains are always twenty minutes late in my country. Fortunately, I rarely use trains.

But the trains always seemed so punctual when I visited :stuck_out_tongue:

1)which type of trains

I forget the type, but in the cities of Rome, Florence, Naples, and their surrounding areas.

I have to say the underground is pretty much always on time, and the freccia rossa/Italo are perfect too. However all the more standard trains are often late. It has happened many times that my dad ended up coming home half an hour late because of that. The fact that I live far from big cities may contribute too.

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Mmm, I can understand that.

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Eh, my bike broke the other day

Well, my issue wasn’t lateness.
The school bus a few years back came early.
I was running, full tilt, uphill towards it, the driver just started at me. And drove away.

(Ok, I don’t know if the driver stared at me, but I’m pretty darn sure he could see me)

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