Traykar the Swift- Mov

Welp. @Traykar has informed me he will leave the boards soon (after the rps hes in end) so i decided to give him a farewell gift. Here you go man, i really enjoyed rping with ya.

Hessa wolf dood

A cyborg wolf dood too. Cant beat that

Echo: “god youre shorter than i thought youd be”

Traykar: “Am i now?”

Echo: *cries
Traykar: “im stuck in a room of idiots…”
Heres one of my favorite interactions between them

Echo: “Dont make fun of my dead mother ever again!”
Traykar: “When is rigor mortis gonna set in for you, corpse?”

Belial: “Whos the smaller dog, now?”

???: “like Rawr im a animal lol”

Traykar: “no. youre my dinner.”

This one doesnt even need dialouge…

Traykar: “The legs are the best…”

some say this is the last thing you see before you die…

I needed to get a group shot with him, echo, and belial, i had to

Dyrt: “Theres only room for one silver and blue moc here!”

The next picture was of echo beating the crap of him and id have traykar say “And you arent the one” but i cant upload it soo…:confused: but i do have a suprise. He has a function! le gasp!

Goodbye ma dude!


Nice! The neck is a bit odd, but everything else is fantastic! Thank you!

Welcome, i tried making the neck more like a wolfs but eh. Also, thanks

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All the yes

All of it

Nice moc dude!
@Traykar I didn’t know you were leaving the boards. It’s been great RPing with you, and your arguments with BlackBeltGamer wil be immortalized.

Man. Looks great…

If I leave, will you be make ltv?[/spoiler] [spoiler]/s?

Actually I still needa post him.

I hope thats a /s, and if i had the parts which i dont cuz i never got phasma…rip i would
And you do that

Chrome duck face ftw

Metru blue egg head ftw

a nice goodbye gift if I do say so myself; I do say so myself