Treachery: Communtiy Writing Project SIGN UP

Treachery, will be a collective writing project, with the story set in space, in a fictional solar system populated by enhanced humans. Its name, hints to the state of the solar system. Population is dwindling, the environments are crippling, and no one knows what it is. It’s kind of like “end of life”.

Once sign up is closed, there will be no exceptions for other people to join, if you miss out I’m sorry. Sign up will either end this sunday, or next tuesday, depending on how many people I have. The way we will write it, is using google documents, writing snippets at a time, some people will be granted specific roles in writing, e.g. editor, revisor, updater, producer, etc. There is a chat implemented into google docs, that we can use while multiple people are working at a time, or other chats such as gmail. There will be weekly discussions about it, based on the availability of the members. If you have questions post them down below.

Once I have all of my colleagues, a PM will be created to discuss the project privately. I understand that some of you will be unavailable at times, and that is fine. I hope this will be an enjoyable project.




This seems vague.

I think it’d help to explain exactly how everyone’s going to work together :slight_smile:


I’m up for this, but is it going to go like this?

Writer 1 has control of this civilization and what they do,

Writer 2 has control of a different civilization, and so on?

And then you get to decide what the overarching story is?

I updated the main post, see if it answers your questions.

@squeaverking, do you want to join?

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Yeah, I’d like to see where this goes, might be fun.

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Same here. It all most sounds like the way a rollplay scenario works. Though I am curious what the end goal of the project is.

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A michael Bay directed movie

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Okay, I need some more people to get this up and running.

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I might join, give me a moment to think about it.

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I’ll happily be involved, however it won’t be for a couple of weeks, I have Trials in a week :slight_smile: