Oftentimes I find myself tinkering around some pieces to see if they could form an interesting head. Once I found something I like as a head, I build a body around it.

I figured the head looked a little Rahi-like, so I decided I’d make this one look like ye Rahi of olde, some of which move around on treads. Hence the name Treads.

Like usual I never try to build a lot with technic beams, so there’s not a lot of ingenuity on that front; Not to mention the wheel-structure is completely copied off of the 2001 Rahi treaded sets.

With this one I also tried to add a little bit of an accent to draw attention to the eyes (and the tube things on the upper arms. Did that work out?

For the flipped images you could click on them and follow the link to see the original image.


Reminds me of the battle droids from Star Wars because of the sphere shaping
BTW good job :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. The Bohrok shield piece distracts from the eyes though, given its the only smooth piece and the images you took kind of have it in the centre.

Reminds me of a Tarakava if they had Kal forms and were on all the drugs.