Tribal "jobs"

I think each of the tribes should contribute something, kind of like the matoren in metro nui. For example the air/wind tribe can be messengers. Fire can forge tools and weapons (not trying to get rid of the guard feature). The stone tribe can supply building materials. Earth can help maintain peace, ice can be the scholars for the most part, and water is one I’m trying to figure out. Guys, if this was discussed in the podcast, let me know and feel free to play with this idea.


Fire Tribe: metalworking (weapons, tools, armor, powerless Kanohi).
Water Tribe: navy, sub-aquatic exploration and resource gathering.
Air Tribe: air force, commercial/delivery services.
Earth Tribe: elite guardians, flora/food/resource cultivation (fruits, vegetables, lumber, medicine, etc).
Sand Tribe: army, construction/industrial work.
Ice Tribe: scholars, meteorology, scientific research.

Any of that appealing?


The Ga Matoran’s could be the caretaker’s of injured Rahi and the main source of transportation by boats.

I can see the Water Tribe in charge of navel transportation, but not as the main transportation. Unless they worked in conjunction with the Air Tribe to create flying cargo ships.

Regarding the Rahi, the Water Tribe could work with the Earth Tribe [generating medicines from the Earth Tribe’s readily available supply of herbs and antivenom (collected from venomous Rahi)] to help fight against diseases and poisonings in Artahka.

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These are ideas that I never thought of, so yes these are appealing.

Dude you’re level of creativity is amazing and yea I agree with what you say.

What if the Earth Tribe had tunnels to access every other region in Artahka (built post-war) in the event of a cataclysm?

Connected to this system, they could have massive, underground sanctuaries containing underground rivers and farms, homes carved into the cave walls, and an archive containing a collection of seeds from every plant species from every region (including seeds from underwater plants).

Good idea I also thought that the Le Matoran should be recognized by there (this never happened in G1 nor G2 but if were reimagining them then I really wish to add this) investigators the reason that I think that they could be good investigators is by how the jungle is big and they can travel quickly by vines. I also think that they should be responsible for the whole islands entertainment music and games.

I agree on the entertainment idea (I could imagine having aerial races with Matoran atop flying Rahi), but in the TTV’s G3 canon, the Air Tribe lives on floating islands and not necessarily the jungles. There might be jungle regions on the floating islands (and the Air Tribe’s region could once have been part of the Earth Tribe’s region), but the Earth Tribe has a majority of the plantlife and foliage in Artahka, more than any of the other regions combined.

I do think, however, that the Air Tribe would make an excellent addition to the United Artahkan Police Force as quick-response units and pursuit officers. That’s a generality, but I think almost any tribe could be an investigator.

Oh boy.

I guess this is were I explain my pitch.

So hang on:

Every tribe is functionally individual and independent safe for trade.

but lets talk about things only one tribe can do due to it’s geographical location.
Ga koro, has a larger amount of fishes and sailors for obivous reasons. They also may have a Arhichlogical sociaty that seeks knowledge, and seeks to learn.
In contrast to my picture of the Earth matoran that is more traditional in their aproach to knowledge.
Everything learned should not be forgotten agianst lets find something new to learn.
The Water matorans should also have a large web of traders often residin in small ships at the water front.

The Air matorans should have all sorts of beast tamers and artists.
Being on a flying island they are safe from most that reside on the ground and I imagen them growing ever more arogant in themself as they think themself untoucheble.

Yet I do like the idea of a mail system.Even if only for the nobillity of the island.

Regarding every tribe being independent: Yes. They could survive independently of each other, but each would have a distinct advantage over each other due to their environment and focus. Examples being the Earth Tribe growing the most amount of food and the Air Tribe dominating the sky.

Regarding the Water Tribe: Yes. More use of boats due to environment and culture.

Regarding the Earth Tribe: Yes. Keeping in touch with Onu-Metru from G1.

Regarding the Air Tribe: Yes, for the most part. They would grow haughty, but I don’t think to the point of distancing themselves from the other tribes. If anything, they would offer services (commercial/delivery duties, entertainment, etc.) for the sole purpose of showing their superior value to the island of Artahka. Think of them as the team player that always brags about everything they do for the team, but you don’t notice it because of how charming they are.

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