Tridahk: The Beast Unleashed.

This story is no longer RK canon

The unbroken tridax pod was submerged in energized protodermis.
The tridax pod protected its 5 residence from the light.
Sadly, one drop got inside, mutating one shadow leech into a tall rahkshi. The “Tridahk” grew a tail mounted by hand that grasped the tridax pod.
It broke out of Spherus Magna’s core, saving the other 4 shadow leeches, and hid away for _ year(s).
After the Shattering, Tridahk fled to Bara Magna and roamed the land for thousands of years, living off of Trisobhuls and Scarabax Beetles, before the arrival of toa Tahu…
A flash of red light.
Hissss” Tridahk turned its head towards the light.
Tridahk, at further examination was mostly teal, due to the shadow leeches, yet some parts were light orange.
These parts were more tridax pod based. Its staff was U shaped on one end, and spear shaped on the other.
Out of the light stepped Tahu, Toa Mata of fire. The red toa bore his kanohi hau mask with pride. This kanohi gave him the ability of sheilding himself from enemies. He grasped a fire sword with the ability to melt solid protodermis. “HISSS!” It stuck the spear side of its staff into the sandy ground. A shadowy serpent slithered towards tahu after emerging from the staff. As the serpent was about to strike, Spotting the serpent, he sliced it in half and it dissipated into air (or more specifically antidermis,) foiling Tridahk’s plans. The toa brought fearness to it. It knew it had to defend the shadows, but the element of light was very deadly to all rahkshi.
KRAAAA” Tridahk cried. Tahu charged at the newly discovered mutant.
“An atorahk,” questioned Tahu as he attacked. “with a tail?” Before the collision, a similar shadowy serpent emerged from the ground and consumed Tahu. After it sunk back into the ground, it emerged a bio away, spitting Tahu far into the distance.“Hreak?” Tridahk did not summon this “shadow chomper” himself, but who else has this ability?
A purple light landed infront of Tridahk
A large vorahk, with the spine of a panrahk, wings, a tail, and a kanoka launcer.
“Watch out.” the power house warned. In the distance, many taxarahk fought and battled due to an event that involved the possession of a gaint robot inhabited by rahkshi, matoran, makuta, rahi, and more. Though Tridahk is a mutant rahkshi, he has never seen another type of rahkshi. The yellow taxarahk charged at the new mutant. The vorahk held out its hand, and with a purple shockwave, the taxarahk stopped in its tracks. “What is your name, blue one?”
Hisssssss,” replied Tridadahk.
“Of course.” sighed the vorahk. “Well, what is that on your tail?” Tridahk twisted his body and inspected it. “Hreak?”
“Wait. Is that a tridax pod? How did the shadow leeches survive long enough to mutate?” The vorahk rambled on and on about the implications of another mutant. Luckily, being brutally stabbed by a humanoid insect can get ones attention. This is what happened right before Tridahk’s eye. The vorahk then burned the taxarahk (who recently stabbed the vorahk) alive and was brought back to reality. “Okay, tridax plus rahk (the common suffix for rahkshi names) makes… Tridahk!” He turned to the newly named Tridahk. “That is your new name: Tridahk!”

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those are some really long three lines right there

I will constantly update the story so if you like what you see, then watch it!