Trinuma Revamp WIP (Advice needed!)

I’ve been working on this project for a while now, and have decided to ask you guys for some advice on it. I have a design for an armour-skirt made of the 08 shield pieces (the same as the one on his arm), but my main issue is that it kind of feels like the body is a little bit long for the legs. Next to Kopaka, he might even be too tall (His offical combiner’s shortness is something I tried to fix), and if the average (I would assume Metru) Toa is six feet tall, he is definitely over 9 feet now :frowning:. Sorry about the subpar pictures, I took them in a rush.

Off-colour liftarms and things of that nature aside, let me know what works and what doesn’t.

EDIT: Here’s a reference for the offical combo


I think that distributing the red more would help


Yeah, more red, especially on the upper arms and legs would probably be a good idea.

Also yes, that torso is way too long and the legs way too short if you want to go for somewhat human proportions. The torso could do with 5 to 6 units less and the legs with 1 to two units more for both upper and lower legs.

Also maybe use bigger foot pieces/custom feet?


The tiny little lower legs and feet are very off-putting. The rest is great

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Like everyone else has said, the torso is way too long.

Other than that, I really love everything else here. Really solid, G1-esque construction. My only concern is that, after you shorten the torso, the arms and legs are going to be way too long, but I really like how they look.

Hopefully you can make it work, this is really cool!

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I actually like the blue highights !

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Thank you very much, guys!
I think what I’ll do is this:
-Shorten the torso
-Put more metru red on the arms and upper chest (I want it to flow from the kalmah armour, and the legs to look like they’re armoured in pure silver/black)
-Make the feet a little bigger
-I also think I’ll keep the legs the same for the most part, and match the height of him to their proportions.
-(I haven’t metioned yet, but I am avoiding using CCBS on him to give it a more G1 feel, which I prefer)