Triple sided being

I’ll be honest; I have no idea what to Title this post due to how I designed the moc. I just built it as a partner moc to Suki

My original idea was have 2 or three members but I realized I didn’t have the parts for that so I made one moc with 3 forms. I would have tried to disqunish the seperate forms a bit more but due to parts and stability I simplified it so it looks like 3 people wearing similar armor.

Susty, the thief

Athena, the warrior

Mana, the mage


This is pretty cool. When you switch between the forms, are you adding and removing parts, or is it just designed to do that?

The wings form into 3 parts for the seperate forms and the masks are the only parts that can’t be stored (and Athena can’t store the middle part of the wing.)

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