Tripod Walker Moc

before reading or looking at the pictures, I am sorry about the bad camera quality, my laptop is not the best in that department

This is my first topic on the message boards.

I honestly don’t have that much of a backstory for how this MOC fits into the bionicle universe, but I guess you could say that this was Mata Nui’s was of testing the original 6 toa before their canisters washed ashore. The way I built it was purely caused by a lackluster selection of parts. Don’t get me wrong, it looks exactly the way I want, except for some knee joints that are not really visible in the picture, I wanted to use 2 long black axles instead of 3 long 3 axles.

The legs and the whole moc is only possible because of this little wonder part…

… 7 of them allow the entire base of the legs to be attached in such a thin way.


Cool, nice and simplistic.

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Pretty neat. I like the shaping.

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small update to the original post

I realized that people can’t really see how the legs are attached or how the body is built from the pictures I posted, so I took a few closeups of the build itself.

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This things reminds me of something, but I cannot remember what.

And egg whisk?

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