Tron Uprising

Tron Uprising is by far the most spectacular animated television show in my opinion. The visuals and music are stunning, the voice cast is nearly perfect, and the plot is captivating. THE FIRST EPISODE IS VIEWABLE ON YOUTUBE AND DOWNLOADABLE FOR FREE ON ITUNES

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Teen Titans is my favorite cartoon. perfect mix of humor, action, and obscure DC villains and heroes. Plus that version of Deathstroke is the second most awesome villain eveer, only coming behind Makuta Teridax

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Never seen it, but I've heard that it's good? Convince me that I should watch it.

Yeah its one of those good action shows that you don't get a lot of these days, everyone wants to go with comedy.

It's also really dark and messes with what's Cannon, provided this is in our Tron-Legacy-Comics Universe, or some other universe where Tron never ded, Rinzler never was Tron, Clu still lives, and a few other inconsistencies.

Either way, I still enjoy it.

I'm pretty sure its still canon, but the show didn't run long enough to confirm it. Ending it on the last episode really just throws everything out the window.

Sucked how it never continued. It was getting good.


welcome to my world. Teen Titans... WHERE ARE YOU?

I seen the show a few day ago and it is okay show but it's not my cup of tea. There was only like one or two episode that was good and there was some creepy faces in my opinion.

Woah, so I'm not the only one!

While not the best animated tv show, (that designation probably belongs to Avatar or Gravity Falls IMHO) this show definitely would be on the top ten list. It's criminally underrated, and I really wish is wasn't cancelled.

Also, can I be the first to say that Tron: Uprising's Clu scares the Karzanhi outta me? Like, that pleasant neighbor voice in such a maniacal, sadistic tyrant.. I loved that show.


Somebody who has seen this show! Please make this topic active! I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT TRON TO!!!!

I want to see it. I just can't find it anywhere...

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Sorry about that. But seriously if you do find a way to watch it I highly suggest you do. It was on netflix a little while ago but not anymore.

And to anyone else out there who is debating giving it a try, its like Batman Beyond but with the art style of Aeon Flux but its Tron. Also here is an official music video by the makers that always gets me into the moos to watch it.

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Thanks to you guys I've just started watching this. Looks awesome so far.
Although I will say that I can only find the first episode... shame.

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This show was spectacular, the aesthetics take a little getting used to but it's pretty great all in all.

Absolutely recommend watching it if you can find it.


I miss this goddamn show.