Trouble making topics

So I've been trying to make a topic about a new moc I've made for the past 2 hours. The topic itself is okay, but posting pics is the problem. It keeps saying that I have no more storage space or an error. Then if I do mange to get a pic on, then I'll try to put another and it says no space and deletes them both. I've gotten rid of so much stuff on my phone just to make a topic. Keep in mind I'm on noble. So can u guys help


Moving to site bugs.

Have you tried uploading pictures onto topics using a computer? It seems to be an issue with your mobile device, not the Boards itself.

I would if I could. No pc

What type of mobile device do you have?

Droid RAZR hd

What is the size of your photos you've been trying to upload?

The one I was trying to send was 1.12 mb

How many did you take?

I took like 6 but I only sent 1 or 2 not sure which ones were succesful

What is your phone's memory? Do you have anything else, such as apps, on your device?

Yea I delete like 400 pics and 6ish apps

Is the error pop up that says you've run out of space coming from your phone directly as a notification? Or is it from the website?

I would tell you to screen cap it and send it, but that would be stupid considering the situation. =P

If the notification comes from your phone, try restarting it completely, I really can't advise you further because I'm not familiar with Android phones.

If it's coming from the website, it's a server issue and you might need to pm Kahi about it.

What was the size of the apps that you deleted? Are there still any on your phone?