Trove Discussion

For those who don't know, Trove is a free to play game similar to Minecraft. You run around in a voxel-based world, killing enemies, beating dungeons, and buying equipment for your character.

Discuss about Trove. Have you ever played Trove before?

for the record I have played it and it's enjoyable at times


Haven't played it, might check it out.
An RPG minecraft sounds really appealing right now.

My cousin always plays this game whenever he is with me and he constantly asks me for advice on building his house or whatever.

Then he gets mad cause I give him bad advice.

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this topic sure is bustling with discussion
Might as well post some images

Yes, I actually play it currently. I am currently at Uber 6 with my Boomeranger class at Class level 18 and Power Rank 1533. As of typing this post, I am currently at Mastery level 71

I would like to update this by saying that I now am at Mastery Level 135, and am now maining a level 25(almost level 26) Boomeranger, with Power Rank 3745, that has a Shadow Level 5 Quad-Beam Compound Bow, a Shadow Level 5 Worn Tricorn Hat, a Shadow Level 5 Hidden Gaze Face, a Shadow Vitality Ring, a Cardio Companion Ally in the Sun-Touched Shimmering style, an Elysian Jug, a Martial Emblem, a Master Angler’s Rod Fishing Pole, Erel, the Ironbolt dragon mount, Dance Pad Mag Rider, SS Trojan Ship, Sail of the Master, Wings of Wizardry, and a Pristine, Flag-Runner’s Angry Bug Banner(This is for PVP), for my normal gear(not gonna go into my gems right now).

and my stats are(For the stats that apply to Boomeranger):
11,384 Physical Damage
136,755 Max Health
29,608 Health Regeneration
31 Stability
43 Movement Speed
110% Attack Speed
22 Jump
11.5% Critical Hit
92.6% Critical Damage
51 Magic Find
150 Lasermancy
13 Flask Capacity
100 Exp Gain
4 Battle Factor
1 Chaos Factor

Gonna just update this by saying that I am now at Mastery Level 156, and a Level 28 Boomeranger with all Radiant Gear, with my bow about to be Stellar, just need them Shaper Stars and some Radiant Souls. And my Power Rank at the time of this post is 5274. AND I finally got my Divinity costume for the Boomeranger last week, which is my first costume for that class.

Also, I finally got enough stuff for a Club Card, so I can make a Club in Trove for TTV. :wink: Although, I don’t know what I should name the club. Feel free to leave any suggestions. :wink:

TTV’s Treasure Trove,
Chronicler’s Company
The Red and Blue Pins
Biocraft’s Chroniclers
The Exx Troopers

Those are the best names I can come up with for your club. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so the current list of Club Name Ideas is as follows:

TTV’s Treasure Trove,
Chronicler’s Company
The Red and Blue Pins
Biocraft’s Chroniclers
The Exx Troopers
The LEGO Club
Exxtra Fun
LEGO/TTV Channel Fan Club
LEGO/TTV Channel Fandom
ttv mardi gras
lego ttv mardi gras extravaganza
TTV’s Bizarre Adventure.
TTVBall Z.
TTV vs. Superman.
TTV: Infinity War.
The Constructible Blocks Club.
Gangs of TTV.
The Super Great Generic Nonbrand Construcitble Toy Club with Eljay.
The TTV Redemption.
No TTV for Old Men.
The 3:10 to TTV.
There Will be TTV.
Pulp TTV.
Inglorious TTVs.
The Magnificent TTV.
1000 Ways to TTV in the West.
The TTV Candidate.
Chroniclers Company
TTV Brown.
From Dusk till TTV.
“TTV’s Treasure Trove”
Reservoir TTV.
TTV BrickClub
TTV Pugcast
Four TTVs.
TTVstone: The True Story of Eljay Earp.
Game of TTVs (but only since they are fans of it)
A Thousand Little Pieces.
A Song of Blue and Red Pins

Several of these ideas came from the TTV Discord. Now unless anybody else has suggestions for a good Club Name, I’m gonna be going through this list and deciding which ones are the best and put them to a vote. :wink:

alright, I have made a Straw Poll for what name we should go with for the Club in Trove. Remember, once the Club is made, the name can’t be changed

Ok, the results are in:
25 % (5 votes)LEGO/TTV Channel Fan Club
25 % (5 votes)lego ttv mardi gras extravaganza
25 % (5 votes)TTV BrickClub
15 % (3 votes)The LEGO Exx Troopers
5 % (1 votes)LEGO/TTV Channel Fandom
5 % (1 votes)The LEGO TTV Club

and after some insight from the cast, the winner was The LEGO/TTV Channel Fan Club.

Although, due to the 30 character limit and the fact that I can only use Letters and Spaces, I had to change it up and the one that fit was The LEGO and TTVChannel Fandom.

So, the club for us in Trove has been made and is now called:
The LEGO and TTVChannel Fandom