Trust Level Tracker?

I'm sure most of you know about the Trust Levels. A lot of you are masters, and most of you are protectors. Anyways, what if in your profile, you had some sort of tracker that told you what level you are, and what more you need to progress. I only bring this up because I was looking into becoming master, but got kind of lost. (Not really, but it seems a bit complicated. Maybe not who can say really? Anyways I thought this might be a good idea, If not, let me know why.

Edit: Also, you know how you can see other blokes trust level when they reply? How about letting us see our own?
Edit Dose .0 : Deleting Topics. how about a feature that lets you delete your own topic? It makes it a heck of a lot easier, and would seemingly save a large amount of space. Allowing Mods to be able to delete topics as well. Maybe mods should be required to close the topic with a warning that the creator must delete it, and if the don't the mod will.


1 slight correction, Masters aren't mods.

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Edited that, thanks mate.

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I feel so insulted! How can anyone mix us up with those lower specimen? /s


So, A mod is like, the unavailable position that no one can be? Or what?

Mods are people like @Nyran who are all better than us ans thus have special super powers

Except for chronicler he's a scrub


Mod is short for Moderator.

Mods are staff on the website, not just any users.


true, they keep the site in check, however in Nyran's case

He's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a No-Fun Knight.


Rood. :frowning:

So anyways, yeah, you have to be chosen to be a Moderator because we are staff. The highest a normal user can do on their own is become a master, which has a bunch of requirements I cannot remember.


The film Quadrophenia explains what a mod is.

I would quite like a trust level tracking. Or at least something that can tell me what percent of post I've read in the last 100 days, because that's the hardest part to figure out.


Another thing to consider is that people who receive too many flags can't become masters.


You can always ask a mod, like @yran, @WajKnight, and @Scarilian but not Chronicler /s , through PMs and they will show you all of your specification.


The thing about trust levels, I think, is that the goal is to be active. If you are active enough, you get Master. Otherwise, people could just do only the requirements and not be active but still be Master. This is why there are no criteria on the LMB. You need to frolic on the LMB to get higher levels, not just follow instructions like "Like 10 posts".

But hey, could a mod tell me how close I am to Master? wink

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PM one.

Well the thing about that is, when you're going for master, you only have percentages, not hard numbers. So it's not "like 10 more posts" it's, "You have been in 25% of all topic created in the last 100 day, and you need to be in 60%" or whatever. Also you can loose Master, so if you just go for it then stop being active, you'll loose it.

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What with all this hate on me? D:


I mean

To be fair

You kinda deserve it


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Why? I'm trying not to be rude.

It seems you guys like using me as a punching bag.

Anyways, I agree a trust-level tracker would be great, but I'm not sure if the forums have that function. I'd need to ask the TTV cast.


I'm just playing :smile: I do admire you a lot, Chronicler. To be able to face an entire group of people by yourself takes courage. Keep up the good work!

I don't really think the tracker is all that necessary if you can have easy access to it through PMs, but that's just my opinion.

Still waiting for @Nyran to notice what I did >8D