TTV #1: Tale of the hosts

So, I decided to do a parody of the Bionicle books, involving some people we all know.

Chapter 1: the beach

A beach. He was standing on a vast expanse of sand that seemed to go on forever in either direction. In front of him was a dark, forbidding jungle. Behind him was an endless blue sea that went on as far as the eye could see.
Where am I? he thought. WHO am I?
The word--a name?--floated through his mind. But there was something about it that didn't fit, some letters that weren't right. Why was that?
That was it. That was his name. Kahi, lawyer at leisure. Wait, what was a lawyer? He tried to think, but the word didn't seem to have a meaning in his mind. He decided to forget it for now.
He turned and looked at the canister that had brought him here. There had also been a few other items in the canister: a mask, two blades, and a briefcase. He picked up the blades, and was surprised to see that they fit together to form a sword, but the sword felt heavy and awkward. He tossed it aside.
He then picked up the briefcase and looked inside, hoping there'd be something helpful. Inside it, he found a map of an island, and a few other papers. He looked over a few of them, noticing that the names "Mesonak" and "Varderan" kept showing up, which was weird. He knew that he knew those names from somewhere. A lot of the other things on the papers made no sense, so Kahi decided to save them for later. He decided it'd probably be beneficial to study them more later.
Finally, he picked up the mask. Something told him to put it on. When he did, a wave of strength overwhelmed him. Yes! This was more like it.
He picked up the sword again. This time, it glowed red-hot, and seemed to be ablaze. When Kahi swung it, sparks trailed through the air.
Power... Kahi thought. I have such power, over heat and flame. Fascinating.
But what was it for? It had to have a purpose.
Kahi decided he needed to go somewhere. And as dark and forbidding as the forest looked, it was the only way to go.

And that's all for now. Next up: Eljay runs into some trouble.

Chapter 2: master of the tide

"This vine should do, I suppose," the being said. He glanced down at the canyon below him. "No time for second thoughts just go!"
He leapt off of the branch he was standing on, letting the vine carry him across the gorge, laughing with delight. He landed lightly on a branch of a tree on the other side.
"That was fun," he said. He now knew one thing: the wind was his friend.
He didn't know much else. When he'd arrived, all he'd remembered was his name: Lewa. But he wasn't sure he liked it. He also knew he was a Toa, whatever a Toa was, and he seemed to recall something about "Master of the tide".
But right now, he felt more like a master of the jungle. "Lewa, master of Jungle," he said to himself, liking the sound.
And then it hit him: Lewa master of Jungle. Eljay! That sounded much better than Lewa.
Suddenly, the branch under Lewa's feet broke. With a cry, Eljay began falling into the gorge.
Without thinking: Eljay threw out his arms. He noticed a branch right below him. Reaching out, Eljay grabbed the branch, halting his fall, and leapt to another branch, no longer over the gorge.
"That was lucky," Eljay said. "Or was it?"
Eljay threw his arms up. The vines and branches bent to his will.
"That's it!" he said. "I control the jungle!"

Chapter 3: the underground village

Dig, pull, push, scrape, dig, pull, push, scrape. The being fell into a rythym as he dug a new tunnel underground. It felt comfortable, and kept his mind off his troubles, the biggest of which was the fact that he had no memories of anything before his arrival here--wherever here was. He had only faint memories: he recalled a name, Onya, but he wasn't sure if that was his name or not; something about it felt off. He recalled something about "TTV", whatever that meant.
He shook his head. No sense worrying about it right now. Better to focus on what he could control--like the digging.
Onya--if that was his name--pushed the shovel-like claw he held trough the dirt wall. To his surprise, the wall gave way completely. Caught off guard, he stumbled forward. Getting back on his feet, he found himself in a pre-existing tunnel.
Wonder what made this? he thought. He had a mental image of a large creature digging a tunnel to trap people. Then he noticed a carving on the wall. It portrayed six people. Some of them wore masks, one of which looked like the one he wore, the one that had been in the same canister that had brought him here.
Onya reached up and pulled off his mask to take a look at it again. He felt weaker as soon as he took it off, as he had thought he would. He heard a noise, like some creature coming. Fumbling, he dropped the mask.
A large crab, coming up to Onya's knees, came scurrying out of the darkness and grabbed the mask, scampering down the other tunnel.
"Hey, come back here!" Onya said, running after the creature. He pursued the creature. Up ahead, he could see light. Then he reached the light, and he stopped, stunned.
He found himself in a huge cavern with a fountain in the center, himself on a sort of balcony overlooking the cavern. He could see obsidian rocks spelling out the words Onu-Koro. He stared, shocked by what he saw, then glanced around, looking for the crab. A movement caught his eye. He turned and saw a being running into the cavern from another tunnel, one covered in purple-and-black armor and wearing a purple mask shaped like Onya's.
To Onya's surprise, the crab ran up to the mysterious armored being. "There you are, Morina," the being said. "Where'd you find the mask?"
"Uh, that's mine," Onya said.
The being looked up. His eyes widened. "Toa?!"
Toa? Onya wondered. The word seemed familiar somehow.
The being ran up to Onya, carrying his mask. "So sorry, great Toa. You'll have to forgive my Ussal Crab, Morina. She likes to pick up random things. Come, there is someone you must meet!"
"Who are you?" Onya said.
"Oh, forgive my rudeness, Toa of Earth. I am Onepu, right-hand to Turaga Whenua. Wait here, I'll be right back."
The little being ran into another tunnel. Onya put on his mask, glancing down at the crab, which had not followed Onepu. Looking up, he saw another carving. This one showed what looked like him, and underneath it was a single word: Varderan.
Varderan! he thought. That must be his name. He knew Onya didn't sound right.
Hearing footsteps, Varderan turned to see Onepu returning with a being slightly taller than he was, this one wearing black-and-grey armor. He looked at Varderan and frowned, then bowed.
"Great Toa of Earth," he said. "I am Turaga Whenua, and I welcome you to Onu-Koro. Legend has long foretold your arrival."
"A legend?" Varderan said.
"Indeed. It was said that six heroes would arrive on this island, armed with the power necessary to defeat the evil Makuta and awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui."
"I... don't remember anything," Varderan said.
"The legends said that would be the case," Whenua said. "It hardly matters, for right now. Soon, you may reclaim your lost memories. For now, though, you and the others have an important task ahead of you."
"Others?" Varderan said. He recalled the first carving he had seen, portraying himself and five other people.
"Indeed. The six of you will have to work together to defeat Makuta. But first, you each need to find other masks. Your Mask, the Pakari, gives you great strength, but one mask will not be enough..."

Soon, the Toa of Earth had gone off to seek the other Toa. Onepu had things to do, but Whenua insisted he needed to speak to him first.
"I can't put a finger on it," Whenua said. "But something about this Varderan bugs me." Whenua frowned. "I don't think he is the real Toa Mata."
Onepu gasped in shock. "But... he has to be!"
"I don't know," Whenua said. "Let's hope he is."

Chapter 4: Deadly creatures

She swam through the water, pulling herself along, gazing at the marine life. She belonged here, in the water. She knew this, though she didn't know much else. She didn't even know her own name. Anytime she thought of her name, the name Gali came to mind. But that was the name of a place somewhere, not her name. Was it?
But I can't stay here forever, she thought. I have things to do. I just wish I knew what they were.
As she watched, a school of fish swam by, followed by a shark, but the shark wasn't pursuing the fish. Rather, the shark seemed to be fleeing. She looked to see what it was, and, to her surprise, she saw a simple-looking creature, a seeming sea serpent. A sea serpent... a snake... Viper! Her name was Viper!
She watched the serpent approach, fascinated. It was beautiful, in a way, except for the mask on its face: a sickly green, trapezoidal mask.
Suddenly, an arm reached out for her with surprising speed. It had a bony end that she barely dodged. Wait, serpents didn't have arms.
But this one did, and the other arm lashed out at her, hitting her. Despite herself, she gasped, regretting it instantly, waiting for the feeling of drowning.
But it never came. To her shock, she could still breath. How is this possible? she thought.
She decided to worry about it later--the serpent was still coming for her. Quickly, she swam for the surface. But even when her head broke the surface of the water, she wasn't safe. The serpent, too, broke the water, evidently amphibious. Viper raised her arms. The water in front of her rose up in a wave, carrying the monster away.
I control the water, she thought. But for what purpose?
She walked onto the shore, looking at the land where she had arrived. A dripping rainforest lay ahead, beckoning her, and she could not resist its call...

Fun fact: I'm listening to Joev14 's Audio-narration project to remind myself how the books went. Though I intend to deviate from the books quite a bit.


Genius! Just waiting for the others now.

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Bravo! A masterpiece! It's better than Cats!

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Chapter 3 is up. Some humor in this one.

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I uploaded Chapter 4, and corrected a few typos in the old chapters.

I deviated from the book here just to have the joke at the end of this chapter.
Chapter 5: Poison

"Look out!"
Hearing Matoro's cry, Ven whirled around. A large bug was bearing down on the two of them. Ven dove out of the way, but he turned when he heard a cry. Matoro hadn't been quick enough, and the bug had pushed him off the edge of the cliff!
Without thinking Ven jumped down after him. He reached down and grabbed Matoro, the pointed his blade downward. An ice slide materialized beneath him, and, with Matoro in tow, he slid to safety.
"What was that creature?" he asked Matoro.
His name was actually Venom, but after meeting the mysterious armored being named Matoro, he had introduced himself as Ven. He liked it a bit better than Venom. Matoro had told him about his powers, complete control of ice and snow. Ven had mastered this, along with his odd ability to see through some things, which he suspected had something to do with the mask he wore. He wondered if Matoro, who wore a similar mask, also had X-ray vision
And he was glad he had his powers now. As he and Matoro slid to safety, another armored being approached.
"They are called Rahi," the new being said. "Normally, they are more docile, but the masks they wear allow Makuta to control them."
"Turaga!" Matoro said excitedly. "He's here! This is--"
"I know who he is, Matoro," the Turaga said. "Greetings, Toa of Ice. I am Turaga Nuju."
"Tell me more about these 'Rahi'." Ven asked.
"They are the creatures of this island," Nuju said. "But they have fallen under the control of the evil Makuta, who seeks to rule the Matoran. To stop him, you must--"
"Find the masks of power, I know," Ven said. "Matoro told me about them."
Nuju began making hand signals suddenly, punctuated by clicks and whistles. Ven was baffles, until Matoro spoke up.
"The Turaga says you will find the first mask at the "Place of far-seeing."
"First of all, your Turaga speaks in riddles," Ven said. "I hate riddles. Secondly, he just spoke normally. Why the sign language?"
Matoro shrugged. "It is his way," he said simply.
Bidding the two a quick farewell, Ven glanced around. He looked up at the mountain. Hmm... he thought.
He started walking toward the mountain. Then he paused, listening, hearing a faint rumble that quickly grew into a roar.
"Look out!"
A rain of boulders rained down toward Ven. He put up his shield, trying to dodge. When the rain stopped, he found himself surrounded by large rocks.
"Sorry about that," a voice said from atop one of the boulders. "I was practicing. Need some help?"
"I don't need help," Ven said, looking up. Then he almost gasped.
The being's face was a skull!


Somehow, I messed up the numbers of the last few chapters.
Anyway, chapter 6: includes something I wish the old BIONICLE books had shown.

Chapter 6:Venomak

"Hello, my name's Mesonak, but you can call me Meso," the being said.
Ven relaxed. This "Meso" was only wearing a mask that looked like a skull. It was still a bit unnerving, though.
"Sorry about that, I was practicing," Meso said. He reached down a hand toward Ven. "Here, let me help."
Ven raised his sword. "I said I can do it myself." Ven channeled his Ice power, using it to cool the boulders. He then smashed the now-fragile boulders into tiny pieces.
The one Meso had been standing on broke as well, and Meso tumbled onto the ground. He got up, grumbling and spitting out snow. "Yeah, well... you missed one." He walked up to the last remaining boulder and gave it a kick. To Ven's shock, the boulder went flying.
Ven remembered why he was here, then, and he started up the mountainside again.
"Hey, wait up!" Meso said, going after Ven. "I presume we're here for the same reason. Why not work together?"
"I work alone," Ven said.
"By choice, or simply because no one can stand you?" Meso said.
Ven thought of Meso's strength. "All right, come along. I might need a mountain moved, or the island lifted. Just keep up." And then, without looking back, Ven resumed his trek up the snowy slope.

Viper almost jumped. She glanced around, looking for the source of the cry. She caught a glimpse of a lithe being flying through the tree tops. "Hello?" she said.
A moment later, the being fell from the trees and landed in front of her.
"Greetings," the strange person said. "I am Eljay, Toa of Air, master of the tide. Are you the Toa of something?"
"Uh, what's a Toa?" Viper said uncertainly.
"A Toa is someone who controls the elements," Eljay said. "Like this!" Eljay held up one hand, and several vines curled toward it.
"I might be," Viper said.
"And what element do you control?" Eljay said.
"Water," Viper said. "Uh, what is this place? Do you live here?"
"I should," Eljay said. "I just got here this morning. But I like this place."
This morning? Viper thought. That's when I got here. She considered telling Eljay that, but then decided against it. She'd wait until she was sure she could trust this Eljay person.
"So why are you here?" Eljay asked.
Viper thought a moment before answering. "I'm looking for the nearest person who knows this place," she said. "Do you know this place?"
"Sure!" Eljay said. "Well, kinda. I mean, it's not like I have a map, but..."
Eljay hung his head. "Okay, I guess I kinda got lost somewhere between that village and here." Then he looked up. "But that doesn't mean I can't find my way around! In fact, I'm the best navigator I--"
Viper held up a hand. Nearby, she heard voices. Now evidently, Eljay heard them too.
"Maybe they know where we are!" Eljay said, running off before Viper could stop him.

At last, Venom reached the top of the mountain. He saw a mask sitting there. He picked it up and tried to put it on, forgetting he already wore a mask. He was rather surprised when the mask melded with his old one, and he felt the masks power mixing with his, making him feel ready to leap into action.
"The Mask of Agility," Meso said.
Ven decided to check and see if he still could use his old mask. Sure enough, he still had X-ray vision. To his surprise, he saw other people at the foot of the Mountain.
"There are others like us down there," he said.
"Well, let's go meet them," Meso said. He began to climb down that side of the mountain. Reluctantly, Ven followed him


It's been forever since I made a new chapter... hopefully, I'll have chapters more regularly now (at least until I finish this book.
Also, yes, the hosts are humans, and yes, I know the title is the name of an American grocery store.

Chapter 7: United

Kahi had had a weird day.
So far, he had arrived on this mysterious Island (evidently called Mata Nui) with no memories. A group of the inhabitants had mistaken him for a dangerous beast and attacked him. Before a battle could erupt, though, their leader, a guy named Vakama, showed up. Vakama explained that Kahi was a Toa of Plasma, here to save the island from the mysterious Makuta and his army of Rahi, and that Kahi was not the only Toa here.
Kahi was surprised to learn that these other Toa included the Varderan and Mesonak he had seen on the papers in his breifcase, papers he had not shown to the island's inhabitants. In fact, the names of two of the other Toa were there too: Viper and Ven. Strangely absent from any of the papers was Lewa, which, according to Vakama, was the name of the Toa of Plantlife. It was also noteworthy that the name "Tahu" appeared on the papers.
Vakama had told Kahi that he needed to find other Masks of Power, and that Kahi already possesed the Mask of Agility. But first, Kahi went in search of the other Toa. Together, it would be much easier to find the masks and avoid or defeat the Rahi that Makuta controlled.
Kahi had headed south. He had found a large Jungle with monstrous trees. He had looked around, expecting to find Lewa. Instead, he had had a run-in with a dangerous Muaka cat, only to be rescued by Toa Varderan, the Toa of Earth.
Kahi was surprised to find out that this Varderan seemed familiar, as if the two of them had known each other in the past. Varderan had seemed upbeat, talking about the underground village he had found, and he didn't seem the least bit worried about the fact that neither he nor Kahi had any memories of any time before they had arrived on this island.
Kahi was wondering why that was when he heard a loud noise, followed by an exclamation of "Hello there!"
Kahi looked up, startled. Standing on a low tree branch in front of them was another being, this one clothed in green.
"Are you the Toa?" this being said. "I am Eljay, the Toa of Plantlife."
Eljay? Kahi thought. I thought his name was Lewa?
"I'm Varderan, master of Earth, and this is Kahi, Toa of... what was your element again?"
"Plasma," Kahi said. Then he glanced past Eljay and noticed someone else traversing the path. Kahi approached this new arrival, and soon saw it was a female.
"Hi there," he said. "I'm Kahi."
"I'm Viper," she said. She seemed hesitant for some reason.
Kahi found himself distracted by Eljay's tale of finding a village in the trees. Eljay loved to talk, and he also loved demonstratind his abilities.
"Hey, look," Kahi heard Viper say.
He turned to see two more people approaching, one in white and one in dark tan. He wondered who they were. Eljay, it seemed, didn't take the time to wonder. He stepped forward to the newcomers.
"I'm assuming you are the final Toa," he said. "In that case, the gang's all here."


Yeah, Takuma Nuva, Toa of half-light, and Exxtroper, master of half-light and foreigners!

@SonOfFireSpirits21 : sorry to disappoint, but Takuma and Exx won't appear... yet.

Anyway, chapter 8. More talking here, but I will get to action soon.

Chapter 8: Shield

Viper was confused. Everyone was talking about being Toa and finding villages, something called Makuta, and the Masks of Power. Viper had no idea what they were speaking of.
"You look confused," Kahi said. "You didn't find any village before running into this crazy lot, did you?"
Viper nodded.
"Well, you see, we're here for a reason..."

Varderan glanced around. Eljay was never in the same place, always moving and jumping around. Kahi, on the other hand, seemed to be maintaining a serious tone, explaining everything to Viper, who looked unsure of something. Mesonak seemed obsessed with using his Mask power, which evidently granted him speed. And Ven... Ven said very little. Varderan suddenly realized that, in addition to wearing a mask, Ven wore a cap.
"What do you make of these people?" Varderan asked Venom.
"Eljay's too energetic, Kahi's serious, Viper's unsure of herself, and Mesonak is way too happy about his power," Ven said. "You, meanwhile, are trying to analyze everything and come to conclusions."
That's... surprisingly accurate, Varderan thought.
"So," Varderan heard Viper suddenly say. "We've been summoned here to defeat Macooti--"
"Makuta," Eljay interjected.
"Makuta, and we won't achieve that by standing around talking, will we? From what I hear, these people are counting on us."
"Why can't they handle their own problems?" Kahi said.
"Well, we have all sorts of elemental abilities and mask powers and all that," Mesonak pointed out.
"Yes," Mesonak said. He held up his hand. Pebbles raised from the ground, coalescing into his palm.
"Show-off," Ven muttered, barely loud enough for Varderan to hear.
"Viper's right," Varderan said. "And speaking of abilities, we have masks to gather."
"That's right," Meso said. "Ven here got a mask of his own from the top of a mountain. Then he and I defeated a mean bull."
"Exactly," said Varderan. "That leaves four more for him, and five for the rest of up-- I mean us."
"We should split up, cover more ground," Kahi said. "I'll go with Eljay... no, wait, I'll go with Viper. Meso--"
"Hang on," Eljay said. "If speed is what we're after, why bother with team-making--I mean, making teams. The, uh, villagers here speak kinda oddly, and it seems to be rubbing off on me. Anyway, why don't we each go seperately?"
"Strength in numbers," Viper said.
"Exactly," Mesonak said.
"Besides that, even if we do split up into teams, we should all decide how to split up," Varderan said.
"I still say working alone would be quickest," Ven said. "Not that I don't want to work with you guys, but..."
"Well maybe I don't want to work with you guys," Eljay said.
"Well maybe we don't want to work with you," Kahi said.
And before Varderan knew what was happening, everyone was bickering. Some supported going all together, some supported teams, and some supported every man for himself.
A massive fissure appeared in the ground. Everyone stopped talking all at once.
The wind began picking up, and it began raining, even as the ground began to shake. Lightning struck, and then it was hailing.
"This is impossible in about seven different ways!" Eljay said.
"It must be the work of Makuta," Viper said.
As if her words had flipped a switch, all was suddenly silent and still, the only signs it had ever happened were the fissure and the fact that everyone was soaked from the rain.
"Makuta knows we're here?" Kahi said.
"Agreed," Varderan said. "We need to find those masks--now."


This is very well written.

Okay, I'm going for a chapter a day here.

Chapter 9: The gorge

Varderan was not pleased. Despite his arguments for teamwork, none of the others had agreed. Even Viper, who seemed to be in support of teamwork, wanted to go find a village, so everyone had gone their seperate ways.
Varderan remembered what Mesonak had said about Ven finding his own mask at the top of a snowy mountain. He wondered if he would find his own mask in the underground tunnels of the earth region.
He was stalking north toward the region of the underground tunnels when he heard a voice from behind him: "Toa of Earth!"
Varderan whirled, stopping just short of shooting a concentrated beam of earth at the Matoran. "And you are?" he said.
The Matoran bowed. "Exx, captain of the Ta-Koro Guard."
"Ah," Varderan said. "What do you want?"
"Forgive me, Toa, for sneaking up on you," Exx said. "I was just here to help. You seek the masks of power. You will find the mask of X-Ray Vision in Ta-Wahi, at the bottom of a tunnel. I can show you where."
Exx lead Varderan to a tunnel in the fire region. Varderan thanked him, took a torch that the Guard Captain gave him, and descended into the dark tunnel.
The tunnel went down and down, until Varderan lost track of the time. It went down until Varderan saw shapes dancing in the shadows at the edge of his vision, down until he was sure he'd find the core of the planet soon. Assuming I'm on the same planet, he thought.
That thought made him stop and think. What planet was he on? What planet was he from? Why didn't he know that? It felt like an important detail, and it puzzled him that he didn't know.
He realized he wasn't going to get any answers standing here, so he resumed his trek down the tunnel. He soon reached the end of the tunnel, which opened into a monstrous cavern. At the far end of the cavern was a cliff. Varderan glanced around, looking for the mask. What had that Matoran said it was? The mask of X-Ray vision, that was it.
The Akaku.
Varderan blinked. How did he know that? Then he saw the mask, and he forgot about it even as his hopes sunk.
The mask was on a thin ledge on the other side of the gorge across the cavern. Varderan approached the edge of the chasm, looking down into it. He couldn't see the bottom. He kicked a rock into the gorge, and he didn't hear it hit the bottom.
He wished Meso was here. Or even Ven... no, could figure this out on his own.
He looked for a way across or around the gorge. Eventually, he found one: a thin rock bridge across the chasm. It was about as wide as his shoe. It didn't look like the easiest way across, but it was the only one here.
But would it hold his weight? He placed one foot on it. Then he stomped on it, realizing the stupidity of the move only after he'd made it. The bridge held, though.
Steeling himself, Varderan began walking across the bridge. The good news was, it didn't get any thinner. The bad news was, it was longer than it looked. And then, when he was about halfway across, he heard an ominous clicking noise. He resisted the urge to turn around quickly, instead turning around slowly until he could see behind him.
To his horror, he saw a horde of small shapes entering the tunnel. Soon, they were close enough for him to see what they were.
Scorpions. Dozens-- no, maybe hundreds of them.
Varderan resisted the urge to turn and run. Doing so would surely result in him falling to his doom below, and he wasn't sure if his armor would protect him from a fall like that.
He thought about his resources. He had a pair of claws, his mask of Strength, and control of dirt. He decided to go with that, sending waves of dirt at the scorpions.
A few of them fell off the bridge, but many got fast. Varderan upped the strength of his attack, and the numbers of the scorpions dramatically increased. Still, a handful snuck past his attack, and one crawled onto his leg, grabbing him with its pincers.
Varderan almost cried out in pain. Instead, he bent down and flicked the scorpion, sending it flying into the chasm. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as doing so resulted in him momentarily halting his dirt barrage. Before he knew it, the scorpions had halved the distance between themselves and him.
One stung his ankle. Var winced, losing his balance, and he pitched into the dark chasm.
Oh no...
Spin! he thought. Summoning his earth powers to create a whirlwind around him, he began spinning in midair as fast as he could. He wasn't sure what he hoped to achieve by doing this.*
Then he hit the bottom of the chasm, and heard the sound of rock crumbling just before he fell into darkness and blacked out.

*Not Spinjitzu, I hope.

Edit: a chapter a day, I said. Then I had no time today to make a chapter. Oh well

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All right, so, to make up for the lack of a chapter yesterday, I'm hoping to have two chapters today. I've finished one, so we'll see if I have time to make another after my Karate class.

Chapter 10: Village Under Siege.

Viper was on the way back to the region where she'd arrived. If she could find a village there, maybe the people could help her find her masks.
But first she had to find a village. She recalled her newfound ability to breathe underwater, and wondered if there might be a village in the ocean.
Mahri Nui...
Why had that name come to mind? Mahri... maybe that was the name of an underwater place? She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice a villager running up the beach toward her. The villager's cry of "Toa!" made Viper jump.
"Toa, you must help!" the villager said. "My village is under attack! Makuta's Rahi!"
"First off," Viper said, "You don't tell a Toa what she 'must' do. Secondly, lead me to your village, and I'll handle it."
Even as she said this, she realized she had no idea how to handle the problem. But she was a Toa. She was supposed to handle problems like this, right?
Viper followed the villager to her boat. There, the Matoran pointed Viper in the direction of the village, and Viper opted to swim to it, knowing she could swim really fast.
She almost swam past the village. Looking at it, it seemed peaceful, and she wondered if the Rahi had left. Then a large lizard, similar to the one that had attacked her upon her arrival on this island, rose up out of the water, looking down at the village and the villagers, who were all gathered in one spot for some reason.
Viper swam to the village, which rested on several large, floating lily pads. Approaching it, she leapt out of the water, landing in front of the lizard and using her hook tools to block the first strike from its powerful arms. It made several more strikes while she tried to figure out a strategy to defeat the beast.
Remove the mask..
Wait, that might work, she thought, remembering how much stronger her mask had made her. Problem was, the mask was on the creature's head, meaning that, in order to get to it, she'd have to get past the long arms.
She leapt up on the back of one of the seaweed huts, dodging the lizard's arms, and flung herself over the creature. Her attempt failed miserably, and she nearly landed face-first on the lily pad.
"Okay," she muttered to herself. "If I can't get to your head, I'll bring your back to me."
She summoned her water powers and unleashed a powerful blast of water, aimed at the creature's feet. Just before the blast hit, she realized that, instead of feet, the lizard had treads.
One of the lizard's arms struck the side of her head as it fell. Wincing slightly, Viper leapt onto its back. Before she could grab for the mask on its face, the thing rolled back into the water. Viper hooked onto it, suddenly thankful she could breath under water. Unfortunately, so could the lizard, and the water was its territory.
But it was also hers. She held on, grabbing the triangular green mask and pulling it from the creature's face.
As soon as she did so, it went limp. For a moment, she feared she'd killed it, but then she felt its rhythmic breathing.
Swimming to the surface, she bowed to the villagers, who applauded. "Glad to be of assistance. Now, who might be the leader of this village?"
"That would be me," said one villager, who was taller than the rest. "I am Turaga Nokama. Welcome to Ga-Koro, Toa Viper Gali."

Takuma watched the whole battle with fascination and a little disappointment. He had just saved the whole village from drowning while trapped in a sunken hut, but now his heroics were forgotten in the face of this random person's defeat of a lizard.
Takuma shrugged. "Maybe I'll go save Po-Koro instead," he muttered. "These Matoran aren't grateful."


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Chapter 11: Water

The Turaga of Eljay's village had seemed surprised that Eljay was not working with his teamates. Regardless, he had sent Eljay to a cave, explaining that the mask of Speed was at the bottom of a pool of water in the cave.
Unfortunately, there was a Nui-Jaga scorpion in front of the cave. Eljay looked at it, forming a plan, then put it into action. Under his control, vines swung out of the trees, grabbing the scorpion. It struggled, but It was quickly tied up and unable to move.
"That was easy," Eljay said, walking into the cave. Then he looked into the pool of water, hoping to see the mask right there at the bottom. Unfortunately, he wasn't so lucky--he couldn't even see the bottom.
"Oh well," he said. "I felt like going for a swim anyway. Cannonball!" Just before Eljay landed in the water, it occured to him to wonder what a cannonball was.
Eljay quickly ran into another problem--It was almost impossible to see in the depths of the water. He was just about to figure out an underwater light source when he saw light reflecting off of something at the bottom of the pool. He swam toward it.
Tentacles sprung up out of nowhere and grabbed him. His stuggles just wasted his air, and he almost panicked. Then a thought occurred to him. He got his axe, the tool he'd had upon arrival on this island, and chopped at the tentacles. They pulled back, and Eljay swam down, grabbing the mask and putting it on. The tentacle monster came after him again, but this time, he swam out of the way, the mask allowing him to swim much faster.
Reaching the surface, Eljay left the cave. "I should challenge Meso to a race," he said to no one. Willing a vine to come down, he pulled himself up into the trees.
He remembered the Nui-Jaga a little too late.
The scorpion had struggled free of the vines Eljay had left it tangled up in. Now it leapt onto Eljay, knocking him mask off and making him lose his grip on the vine. He fell, hitting his head on something and blacking out.

He was in a room, one that seemed familiar somehow, yet strangely unfamiliar. In front of him was a strange device, casting off light, and on it, he could see the faces of Varderan and Meso. Only, they were animated. Var and Meso were talking about something called "BIONICLE". Then they started talking about the Toa.
"The Toa didn't really want to work together at first, did they?" Varderan commented.
"No, they didn't, but it's a good thing they did," Meso said. "If they hadn't, Lewa would never have been rescued after he got his mask of speed."
"Yeah, and Kahi might have had a little trouble in that cave," Meso said.
Suddenly, Eljay saw a fire. It spread, covering everything in sight. From the flames emerged a being that looked like Eljay, but more mechanical.
"I am Lewa," the being said. "You are not me!"

Eljay sat up, shocked.
"Easy," a voice said. Eljay looked over to see Mesonak.
"You took quite a blow," Meso said. "I don't know what would've happened if I hadn't showed up when I did."
Eljay thought about his dream. What did it mean? He had just been rescued after retrieving his mask of speed. Was the dream prophetic? And what was up with the robot Eljay? He decided to take the dream seriously, and that left one course of action open.
"We have to go to Ta-Koro now!" Eljay said, standing up.
"What? Why?" Meso said, startled.
"Kahi's in trouble!"


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