TTV Asks You!

(Insert Rebuild of Evangelion and Bionicle G2 is a sequel joke here)

That sounds like a cool idea. I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, have probably wanted to or attempted to do this.

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I'd like to see more recap review's 😀

I'd like to see them review the Summer 2015 Combiner Models.

I want a Nostalgia Critic-style series featuring @Venom called...

"Way Back Ven" (Pun totally intended)


What about an honest trailer esc series for each Bionicle story year?

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Nobody has a good enough trailer voice.

inb4 "Actually I think that Var/Ven/Meso/Takuma/etc. has a good trailer voice" we've heard them all and we would definitely need someone else.

I love the Honest Trailers, though. Maybe someday.


Of corse. I always thought that Bionicle ended to abruptly. Actually, when I got the last comic I was like, "Wait..... What? I thought that Bionicle was going to go on forever.". At first I thought it was a cop-out, because there had been, what, three other "final battles" before that, but then I saw Hero Factory, and all hope was lost.
@NuparuNuva, Bionicle comidy central already kind of did that.
@Kahi Although, if you guys use this idea anyway, can I audition? I think I do a pretty good trailer voice

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I honestly hadn't ever heard of them but after hearing them they were great

It can't be worse than The Age of Chaos.

I think that'd be real awesome. I remember that Kahi was heavily in favor of a reboot, I'd be interesting to see what he'd do with the mataverse had it continued.

I would be interested in seeing more stopmotion, or, even better, an animated series (I don't care what type of animation) about the TTV members as your MOCs/self MOCs in the actual Bionicle land fighting bad guys and stuff.

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That would be Awesome. Please do this.

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So is this a thing yet?

There is a mystical thing called context. It makes comments replyable.


I cannot the RPG until I have a job that will afford me the equipment. I want to have a series of my own to work on. Any fantastic suggestions for a series starring Takuma?


How about a series where you talk about the bionicle G1 and G2 storylines, and the influences they draw from other media and real life?

Takuma Reads Fanficition
I think that it'd be interesting to have something about the fans, if at all possible. Maybe a boards highlight with Takuma?


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