TTV BIOCRAFT Game Night #2: BionicleFactory Gameplay (Dec 20th)

Alternate Title: BionicleFactory plays on the BioCraft server but every time @Calebmar12 makes a We Are Number One joke the note block version of the song plays

These timestamps are also in the description:
0:00 Ko-Koro Community
12:25 Kini Nui Remains & Base
32:00 Le-Wahi Exploration + Remains of Le-Koro
35:35 Climbing the Mangai Volcano + “Ring of Doors” (Abandoned Mangai Community)
40:40 Return to Ko-Koro
49:12 Final Moments of the Server (Demise of Kini Nui Base + Attempted Bombing of Ko-Koro)

All the peeps:
@Eljay @Mesonak @Calebmar12 @WOLKsite @Scarilian @ShepherdOfFire3 @MagicNinja6195 @Toby_Echozap @Political_Slime @CaptainOfTheGuard @Pseudonym @Vexus_Prime @J_Au @Biodude15 @Rataghast @LegoLover58 @thundermaster612 @ToaChronix @ManeBionicleGali

I rendered a 100% unedited version of all of my screencapped footage, so if anyone wants me to upload it, let me know. This took 3 hours to upload, so I’m not going to upload the other version if no one wants to see it. XD


Best part of the video.

Im glad you caught the text part of my dramatic return to the first order


:open_mouth: you got my community on screen :smiley: yay

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My silly poop silo got more screen time on this video than I thought physically possible.


ayy I’m in it! I actually recorded my POV as well but I don’t plan to upload it.


lol thanks I was watching the chat very closely during editing since a lot of the funny stuff happened there



That tower of dirt and soul sand in ko koro .

Oohh that thing.

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