TTV Brickonicle Contest Entry: Tahu Nuva Statuette

Set Name: Tahu Nuva Statuette
Price: Approx $12
This would assumingly be part of a series of system-based Toa Nuva. Tahu was the most iconic, so I built him. These would be akin to a cheap modular set: for display only. Many parts are too easily detached, and capturing his appearance was difficult enough. The mock gear system is for show.


I feel as if the mask would capture a Felnas better than a Hau Nuva, and while it’s good overall that’s the only specific comment I’ll make because I dislike the idea of trying to represent a constraction theme in System.


I mean it’s nice and all but it looks a bit blocky considering how lego has made statue like sets (brickheads) and how expressive they are. The sword sticks out like a sore thumb too, everything is so smooth but you get there and ends up lookin out of place.
I suggest to add something to this set like a structure or something cause this is essentially a remake of tahu nuva set which is against the rules in the contest.


While ofc lego would fix issues like this, what you’re showing us here is supposed to try to stand as a real lego set, and I don’t believe a set with this issues would really work out. I also notice the “eyebrows” are attached via illegal connection, perhaps you could find something else that works out.

Not trying to be mean or anything but I think (should you have the parts) can make a better model, alternatively you can make the model in LDD if you know how to use it, good luck.


@BlueCel I’m not intending to win. There is the use of non-legal techniques in the mask, and really, it was a fun challenge.

I can’t help but see this Tahu as a lobster

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