TTV: Civil War Trailer

It's here, folks! The trailer you've been waiting for!

TTV: Civil War

Got the idea from @The_Geek, whoever that is. This took all yesterday to make, but like a lot of videos I make, they were worth it for me at least. First time trying out this sort of overlaid type of "animating." Credit where credit is due. Hope you all enjoy and have a great day!




What did you use to make this, and how long did it take?

I used Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. It approximately took me around 8-10 hours with breaks, so at best probably 8.


I originally wanted to make one, but I didn't know the first step. :grin:

This is amazing.

This was great.

YouTube is broken so I'll comment here.

Go team Eljay!

You should try doing one using the redneck avengers.

A little bit of an already done over-used concept but it came off alright here.

Some parts needed a little smoothing out though..

Would probably ask Risebell for advice


Superb. Truly beautiful.

Wish I got to do this first

Anyways, it looks really really choppy.

Other than that, I think the concept and a bit of the execution is good.

You are magnificent...

First off, I know it's choppy, I literally whipped this up in a day. I only just learned how to overlay frames.
Second, Indi asked for it. I wanted to do it. Yeah, the idea's overused. What else is different in the videos I make? So what?
Third, video's being taken done tomorrow btw.

Might I ask why?

Closed by request of @Oonie.