TTV Episode 134 - Discount Dirtbag Discussion Topic

Discuss/comment away guys!
Because Youtube is a scary place.


"Maskuhero City."

No. Just watch. The entire city will be a giant mask, that fits on a giant robot.

Mata Nui will rise again.


Hm. Another good podcast. The one thing that could make the animations better is MORE VOICE ACTORS. AS IN MORE THAN ONE. The guy's good with narration and voice-over, but not with voicing two different characters, let alone seven or more!

I would like to see the RPG when it comes out, my Pathfinder buddies and I might want to give it a try.

That may be a feasible option, but I have heard from other YouTubers that having more than one channel can be extremely difficult, and may actually hurt views. I don't know for certain, maybe a second channel would help, maybe it won't. I stand by the belief that YouTube itself is broken and needs to be fixed radically from the inside out.


"Eljay you suck"
NASCAR noises-Ven
I could NOT stop laughing. xD


I'm watching it right now stuck_out_tongue

I thought of making a new topic for this, but eh.

In the podcast, they state that Youtube sucks, and i tend to agree.

Yet ! there is a solution to bypass these problems :
A secondary channel
On that channel would be all the shows that aren't bionicle related / not watched by everybody, like let's plays.
Only the fans who want to watch all the content will subscribe, but the point isn't subscription here, but the preservasion of views on the main channel

I'd also like more than one voice actor, but if they're going for a theme with the animations like this is being told/read, it kinda makes sense to have only on voice...yes, no, maybe?

well this came from it, other than that it was pretty good, Takuma's rpg seems cool, also we need voice actors for the toa

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I have actually gotten backstage like Kahi did many times. Some of the road crews actually know me on a personal level, and they still haven't figured it out. laughing My latest event was just a couple weeks ago, and I got to meet Skillet. I have photographic proof, but I am disguised for privacy.