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Don't know if I'm aloud to make this but eh.

I drew TTV Koolaid man:

Listening to this one right now. XD Got to be one of the craziest ones yet.

Breaking News: Latest Podcast episode in hectic derailment and chaos sparks the end and dissolving of the group known as TTV! Also, the empire toy brand known has LEGO has just announced their merging with Apple! More on this at 3...

Edit: By the way, call him a creeper, but apparently Cacola found that sneeze from Viper quite "adorable."


I'm almost at the end XP

C'mon, we need that 2006 vs. 2007.


Ven: "You cut off my sentences, I cut off your limbs."

2006 is better than 2007, eh? "Bring it on, punks. I'll take you down."


Someone needs to make a sheet of Ven quotes stuck_out_tongue


Who is a fan?

May the argument continue.

No one's a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, apparently.

And on the subject of trains:
Exx: You just got tr-------

Also: U Wot m8?
Don't make fun of Viper's accent. Don't make fun of people's accents in general.

Or your extinction is eminent.

Another also. I am a true fan; I'm very certain many others on the boards, if not all, are true fans as well.

One more thing. Who can sound like a member of TTV?

Butter lol

42 minutes in I thought that they were saying "coming out" not "cutting out."

As far as how I was invested in the story: I was introduced through the comics, which I received for free with every LEGO magazine. I saw all of the movies, but my parents only bought the first two and were shocked years later when they realized that I didn't have all the movies (yeah... nice going there.) I bought all the books that I knew were available, meaning I missed the Dark Hunter book, and everything after the Mahri Saga. (which I knew about through the comics). I read the online serials... but never listened to the narrated ones. My parents were worried about viruses and whatnot so I never downloaded them.

so my interest in the Bionicle story went Comics>Movies>books>serials.

I forgot to mention the sets. Considering that a buyer doesn't get much story explicitly from the toys, I left them out. However, it was the story that drove me to buy the toys.

Also, I need an all-out TTV brawl. I bet $100 on Kahi! Anyone gonna take me up?!?


My introduction went sets>comics>books>movies>serials since the serials came out after the original trilogy of movies.

If you've never played Rhotuka Spinner Challenge you're not a true fan.

Edit: Why is PS blue!?


I like 2007 better. It's because of the mahri and barraki. But that is just my preferences.


just finished watching it, expect me to draw something, it involves strings...strings

american Viper is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while

I'm expecting a TTV talks butter now

2007 FTW


first TTV video I've listened to in a looong time

nothing has really changed


This episode was amazing!


This was an absolutely hilarious episode. Some really great discussion and laughs!

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One of my favorite episodes by far.


This was without a doubt one of the weirdest, funniest episodes in awhile.


The past month and a half :


As far as the "difficulty" of obtaining books goes, @Kahi, while they may not have sold spectacularly there are things called "Libraries" that I got 99% of the Bionicle books from stuck_out_tongue Plus I have a handful that I actually got my parents to buy for me and I still read them every once in a while.
Ah, little 5/6 year old me with his comics tho. I still have the tattered remains of some of the original comics. However, I may have been introduced to the story via a medium you guys didn't even mention. The Promo CDs. I wonder if I still have one of those somewhere...


I have some of the old comics.

They're still in good condition, too.

Probably because I lost them when I was young and didn't find them until recently.


I've worked in a library for four years, and most of my frustration comes from the fact that I could not get any of the books from our system, which is the largest connected system in the Midwest area. They might be easier to get now, but they took forever to get into the system in the first place when they came out, and by the time they did, it was several months after people were talking about it.

Granted, like I said, talking about it here is kind of like going to a comic book store and asking "Who here likes reading comic books?" You're here because you are invested in Bionicle enough to chase after it online and also listen to us while the line was dead, so chances are, you're really dedicated to the line.

I don't think that licensed books are the best way to tell your franchises' story in today's or even yesterday's market. There are books that do really well, don't get me wrong, but they are always books first, and then other mediums secondly ("Hunger Games", "Harry Potter", "Percy Jackson", etc.). In terms of Bionicle, a toyline, things like a video game, app, online story, or (and especially) a television show should be the medium they strike for. And, I would argue, they are the ones that people see the most.