TTV Episode 213 Discussion

TTV Episode 213 is now live on Vessel Early Access! This week, we talk about Spoiler ethics, how we would have handled G2’s marketing, and tons of other fun stuff!



what marketing?


Introducing… TTV BIONICLE.

By putting up the discussion topic up when the podcast is only on Early Access, it kinda limits the discussion because a lot of people still haven’t listened to it and won’t be able to for another week.

But I dunno. This is just my observation.

I mean, I like for the Early Access subscribers to have a place to discuss the episode too. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Well, you have a point. Either the topic is buried in the depths of the boards before the YouTube peasants listen to the podcast, or the Early Access people will already be listening to the next one by the topic goes up.

There’s my two cents. I don’t have any analytics or anything, just something I noticed and something I have no solution to XD.

This is how I should have done it (may or may not be similar to what you guys said it on the podcast). On the Bionicle website on “story”, you can go to four subsections. The first would “characters”. Basically a general description of the Toa, Protectors, the elemental creatures, villains, Ekimu and Makuta, ETC. The second would be “tales of the toa”. This will were you can watch the 2015 animations and clips of Journey to One since its the main story. I would add 2 or 3 more animations to show the other Toa quest to get their golden mask of power. The third one would be “other tales”. This will ether be like the story serials where you can read them or be audio books of “Revenge of the Skull Spiders” and “Escape from the Underworld” for while not being the main story its something extra that kids and new fans can look into. The last one would be called “graphic novels”. Like it says, you can read the two/three novels of G2. BTW, when G1 had this, it actually save me from keeping up the story of 07 and 08. Also good episode not sure if reading Bionicle fanfiction as a series is something I would watch. Streams would be nice if their variety. And of the two names, Beth is a good change for Viper (if she is okay with it of course). Again, good episode.