TTV forum users as Matoran, Make your requests here

Yes. Yes it is.

A red kana ZA
Black body
Grey feet

Indigo Pakari (orange outline around eyes and mouth holes, if you can)

Green eyes

Orange body

Orange feet

Indigo arms

The orange rings are just my trademark thing, kinda differ me from ANOTHER pakari wearer (different blue too :p)

No. I want a Kakama. Ya know, the Mask of Speed? Either that, or the Kualsi. Also, make the arms Hewkii kahki as well, and then that’ll be good. :smile:

Dang it, I’m a fool.


You need to get ahold of Risebell, then - he’s already included it in his banner.

Get me off the roster… That’s not my official image. I’m asking Jakura to remake it.

Thanks! :smiley:

Just curious, is Kahi wearing a Komau because the program doesnt have a Calix? I can fix that for ya, if ya want. I THINK A kit I have has the inika masks in it.

Please don’t pull my arms out of their sockets.

Hmm. Howabout…
Purple Olmak
Yellow eyes
Black arms/body
Purple feet

So, basically, Onepu with an Olamk.

Yep, it doesn’t have the Calix.
Anyways I’ll remove the other guys and add in your orange markings on your Kanohi.

Could you give me a green Kakama, Kaki torso and arms, and green feet? (same color as the mask)

That would be great. :confused:

I can do it for you.

@Chronicler want me to try again :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Yes. Try it again. Could you make it normal green, too? The light green looks weird with the Kahki. Use the arm green you did on my former one for the mask and the feet.

Okay, sorry. I’ll have to start tomorrow, though - I currently have no access to a computer.

I’m now on a mission to find a MNOG creation kit with a Calix. Wish me luck friends! Is the Hau Meso? Would anything else be better?

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Version 1.4


Yes - one with the new 2015 Mystery Mask.

Can I please have:

Yellow Kiril
Neon green eyes
Yellow body
Black arms
Light grey feet

Thanks very much!

I MIGHT be able to find the Calix. But that mask? Naw, theres gonna be no kit for it, sorry :confused:

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