TTV Game Night Postmortem - 12/5/15

I’d add him just in case they decide to do a game night of a game like, I dunno, TF2 or Tribes: Ascend (RIP you fantastic game) or something that most people could jump into real quick.

Even though it was apparently a massive struggle, we really thank you guys for hosting it! Not only was it a lot of fun to play Halo with a big lobby with awesome settings, but getting to hang out with cast members and other TTV fans was a great pleasure!

I was really looking forward to ‘meeting’ all the cast members there, but that was no takeaway from the fun. Creaming Meso in our last two games was quite a blast.

Also, Eljay, I will 1v1 you in Halo 5 someday…

P.S. What was Var’s Gamertag? I was probably in a lobby with him and didn’t recognize it.


He is “TheFleaOfDawgs”…

I would have been there but still haven’t bought a Xbox one or H5/MCC. It sounds like it was fun though.

Are you ever going to do any more on PC? Just wondering

Inb4 Pictures get spammed in the call chat and break the call for those in Xbox Skype /s


It’s was chaotic, but still fun. Team venom total beats team Eljay any day.


Inb4 1v1s on Last Resort in Halo 3


Is there any way to watch this or any other game nights? As a european who isn’t very active on the boards i can’t watch the streams

no plz. :cry:

We almost beat you guys and Ven on that game on Remnant. Ven doing his MOC review mid-game was hilarious :'D
And @Eljay going mad with his motivational speeches :stuck_out_tongue:

I did notice the issues, though pretty much all of them could be fixed by using Skype instead. Meso did a great job at managing the parties, all things considered.


That’s was a good game, really close one too.

I was in a warthog with Eljay. He’s a very cautious driver. I only got a few hits on people before he drove away :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s one thing to be able to say you’ve talked to the crew, but to say you’ve made Eljay cry by spawn-killing him… That’s one more of my life goals ticked off