TTV Game?

Okay, I'm getting good at coding and such, and I realized a TTV game would be sooooo awesome!! Basically it would be a Mortal Combat/Street Fighter type game. Honestly, I would love getting the sprites from On Air, but I highly doubt that's going to happen. Oh well. If any TTV member's read this, lemme know what you would like your character to look like. The game making process will obviously take a long time, but I WILL finish it before next June. (Probably way before that) I know that seems like a long time, but it's really not.

I'll keep a post going on the production.

Also I won't start on this until I have permission form TTV to do so.

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It would be cool to also include their favorite Bionicle characters too. (Zaktan for Viper, Lewa for Eljay, etc.)

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Ohh smart

m-m-m-miru breaker!!!
eljay will randomly use the person on his left or right as a human shield, if it is any of the following members being used: varderan, inviticus, kahi, venom, meso or viper he will be kicked in the balls, and these catchphrases will be said
Varderan: time to cut this bionicle apart piece by piece!
Invictus: I dont care
Kahi: get rekt nerd
Venom: time to shred you apart nerd
Meso: mirus suck

if he uses any of these characters as human shields omega tahu, Zaktan, lewa, lord of skull spiders, burning bird wrong ( gotta avoid dat copyright), shredder, or nektaan the third biooligical grandma of inviticus these things will happen
Omega tahu will use his manly abs to take away 100 hp taking 1 life from eljay
"puny scrub", "you are foolish mangosteen shaped one", "sup nerd"
Zaktan will shoot a zamor sphere turning eljay into a matoran toa slave this reverses eljays controls for a mintute
"there is a fly in my soup", "wah wah I am a pile of protodites wah wah"
lewa will get eljay in the balls taking away 500mp (manly points each player starts with 1000 these are used to upgrade weapons)
"you didnt quick duck", "you are a week mangosteen", "gotta go quick fast"
lord of skull spiders will attack him and mutate him into hordika, proning him to damage other players but will do double dmg
"hail voodoo heads", "why am I here"
burning bird wrong will do a falcon punch taking away 200mp and 100hp
shredder will shred eljay causing 500hp to be lost and slowness for 10 seconds
nektaan will throw himself at eljay, causing eljay to cry -1000000000000000000mp (too much...fine 1000mp)


mangosteen blade, its eljays primary weapon, and the most upgradable of all allowing his max dmg to do 355hp per hit
mangosteen cannon, does anyone remember avatar the last airbender (tv series) and how in one ep, he made a mini tornado? it shot rocks when you put ammounation in the back, so imagine that but bigger than eljays head, yes I said bigger than eljays head! this is a final move of sorts allowing him to fire mangosteens in the direction he is facing obliterating whats in front of him...actually the R.Y.N.O. from R&C is a better example
customizations: flaming mangosteens, as much as it breaks eljays heart to see mangosteen die in a fire (litterally) it breaks the enemys everything more
great mangosteen blade, an upgrade to the mangosteen blade, allowing for higher damage

the way you get different helpers of sorts (ie lewa, Zaktan, Omega tahu) its pretty slef explanitory


So Eljay would be a bad character to use?

so and so, thats only one of his attacks, and I made it bad for a reason, trust me
if you like I will tell you more attacks
EDIT adding on anyways

Character class: Mangosteen
Attack element: plantlife
Primary abilities: Hovering, throwing mangosteens, endlessly critiquing opposition
Most potent attack: Jump Up the Yell
Weakness: Smelling his nose


You don't need our permission to make a game based on us. It's technically fan-made content. I'm intrigued to hear about another game maker here on the message boards..


If you get this done by 2015, Duel release of this and Kahinuva: Ace Attorney (My game) must happen.

It must.

Also, why not use the MUGEN engine for this?


I would love you to make a character for me... Just make me Takua, and make me have the ability to turn into Takanuva! I'll make a reply about my moves later.


Mod Squad for Secret characters?




The Chronicler: Throw Disks, blind people with lightstone (temporarily), run-over people while riding around on ussal crab, become Takanuva by putting on Kanohi Avohkii.
Most Potent Attack: Mask of Light Kohlii Move!

Takanuva: Eject lightrays to hurt others, blind people with light (temporarily, but longer than the lightstone attack), ride Ussanui around and run people over.
Most potent attack: Mask of Light Kohlii Move!

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Dude, if people see that, they won't think it's you. They'll think it's Takua. If you want someone that actually represents you, use Fatorak or something.

True, I could use Fatorak. Still, put Takanuva in the game, just for fun. smiley

For Fatorak, I have a few options.

Fatorak: Shoot shockwave gun to stun opponents, punch, kick, air kick, kick stone. Summon exo-armor and ride in it.

Most Potent Attack: Alternate gun, which acts like a machine gun and missles do a good amount of damage.

Exo-Matoran Fatorak: Shoot cordak blaster (powerful blast), machine gun attack, jetpack hover (which shoots fire underneath it) and punch.

Most potent attack: Exo-Suit ramming (runs through all opponents and gives a good amount of damage).


Well, I AM planning on updating Biorena with TTV stuff, but I'll consider making a TTV video game of sorts.

who wants a ttv game / app where you pick a cast member and play their lives like eljay you film recap reviews and hunt for mangosteen

Changed title typo
I'd be interested, just as long as it is something more like what TTV has talked about before, a sort of Skyrim and Video Game Tycoon crossover.


A TTV inspired game could be interesting, though I don't think one based around doing fairly mundane aspects such as trying to film a review would be entirely captivating if done straight.

If a TTV inspired game or app was ever created, I feel it would need to be based more around the adventures of their persona's rather than the aspects of real life. Something similar to how on-air seemed where they have a quest that they need to accomplish in a 2D sprite based adventure game.

Games such as the following spring to mind;
Meso Miru Masher
- Destroy Miru's while collecting skulls
Visorak swatter
- Swat away Visorak with a broom to prevent them reaching Eljay

I don't know really, just something fun stuck_out_tongue


visorak swatter needs to be a game