TTV lets play of Spore

Will you guys at TTV be able to do alets play of Spore and have your creatures be named after various bionicle creatures like various rahi, vahki, rahkshi, etc. and if so, if you buy the game off of steam (it is 20 dollars), go to manage, then to cd keys, copy your digital copy’s product code, then go to either the EA website or Origin to make an EA account if you dont have one, then activate your product code, and then start up Spore, and then go to register, and then just make a unique Spore screen name. To add a buddy on Spore (I will use my Spore name as an example), go to the ingame Sporepedia (little button next to the options button), then click on buddies, and to find buddy, type in PizzaGod15 (thats my Spore name), then click add, then the checkmark and now, you can encounter my creatures in your game and you can encounter other people’s creatures in your game as well