TTV, Masters of Podcast

Including Eljay Master of Mangosteen, Mesonak Master of Skulls, Kahi Master of Business, Venom Master of eBay and Varderan Master of.... uh.... What should Var's element be?

And yes, I know Ven is supposed to be dark blue, but there are no dark blue CCBS parts and I didn't have the blue Ruru frowning

And yes, those are indeed blue pins on the figure Eljay is reviewing.
Out of all of them, I'd say Mesonak turned out the best. Overral I'm quite happy with how he looks.


these look good, Var should be master of autopsy or leadership

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What about Viper?


I was about to mention that, what color is she? Green and blue? or Green and Gold, because on air she is the former, but the MOC Ven made of her is the latter

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I would build Viper but there is no teal Mahiki, or even that many teal parts to begin with frowning

I'd say go with Ven's MOC.

Cool but Mesonak should probably have wings. Oh and if you plan on giving them all weapons I have an idea for Eljays....

why not all three?

But but but

Everyone knows @Eljay is TTV's leader.



I dont see any blue pins on Eljay stuck_out_tongue



These look good? @ToaChronix, would you want some critique?

Basic, but effective enough for all of them to be identifiable.

I totally should have done that.

Eljay is holding a hordika minifigure with blue pins painted on.


OMG, so true.


These look really nice. Meso is my favorate here.

These are all pretty slick tributes, though they're pretty simplistic as far as CCBS figures go. @ToaChronix, how many parts do you have to work with?