TTV MB user Keyforge cards

Welp, I’m back with another set of Keyforge cards!

This set is based around some of the users around here.

Comments and Crits are welcome, and I am open to requests.


Nicely done.

I like them.

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Dude, where am I?!??

I am a priority


If you want one, I’ll PM you. I just picked 7 people at semi-random.

Sure I do.

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Okay then. Give it a few days, then I’ll PM you. I’m going on vacation this weekend, so I’ll have PLENTY of free time.

Though I guess I should mention, If anyone wants one, be thinking about your quote on the bottom, and the house you want.

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That’s pretty funny.

What is?

Just that you took board members and turned them into key forge cards.

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Eh. Why not. It’s not that hard, and I asked before I did it.

You want one?

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Not really sure where these are from but I want one.

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Card game known as Keyforge. It’s a unique deck game.

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I love it!

I have no idea how good “Power” is, but it’s awesome.

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Power is the red number. It’s your Strength/health. Your ability plays into Mars’s signature mechanic, which is very powerful synergy between Mars Creatures, but in general they don’t play well with other houses, ally or enemy.

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Where am I? I don’t see my card…

EDIT: Also, I have no idea what Keyforge cards are, even with your description in a previous comment :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just look it up. It’s completely child appropriate by any definition. You’ll get a pretty good idea fairly quick.

If you want one, I’ll make you one. Just give me a few days.

And by that I mean before I send the PM.

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Reality hit me hard that there is, more or less, a new generation of elite users here, one I was not part of.

I am an old man.


Not really that. It was semi-random. I picked users I was familiar with, but the first few that came to mind.

I’f you want a card, I’ll be happy to make one for you.

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Yes, I would like a card. As for the quote on my card, please use “Viva le Kakama!” (I’ve wanted to say that for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Just wait a day or so, and I’ll send you a PM and we’ll hammer this out.

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