TTV MB users Keyforge cards: Series 3

And now we have the third series of the keyforg cards, featuring @decepticonaiden and @Tarkur

also, @Chromeharpoon, @legodavid, @BlackBeltGamer98, @jcton, @meepinater, @Toa_Vladin, @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, @Toa_Radrix, @Kardax,@MaximusPrimal, @Runa, @TheCobaltCorsair, If any of you guys want a download of you individual card, I’ll be glad to send it to you via PM.

Crits and Comments are, as always, welcome.

If you would like your own card, not necessarily of yourself, but of anything, feel free to ask!

If you would like to know how to play keyforge, here is a video for you.

His channel has plenty of other Keyforge related items, so if your interested, be sure to check him out, he’s 99.999% clean and family friendly.

I might have given too much info here.


Awesome stuff as usual, and yeah, send it over PM :slight_smile:


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ew keyforge these look neat

again with the ew keyforge


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Dude, they look amazing! Thanks again

Thanks! And no problem at all. I enjoy it.

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I love that Tarkur is holding a MTG card while on a keyforge card :stuck_out_tongue:


I take no credit for that. That was his idea.


Cool cards dude. Love how seemlessly my quote and the art work went togheter so well. Also that ability seems fitting as well.

Thanks! Thought that ability was almost copied from an existing card, with a slight twist.

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Non the less the ability is quite flavor full when put together with the quote and the picture. Cause you have a robot who holds magic cards and asks what keyforge is and his ability is basically taking a card from another player, which could be another nod to the fact that I don’t know alot about keyforge. Either way I think the cards great.

thanks. I’ve been thinking about giving an explanation on why I gave a card the stats I did. What do you think?

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Of course, I don’t really understand why I’ve got no armor but otherwise it seems great.

Balance. The main reason for a lot of these. It’s a good card but not too good, you can be taken out easily. Your ability triggers once, and your card isn’t good for much after that, other than a process called reaping. If you watch the video, it will explain how reaping works.

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These are really cool, are you still taking requests? I’d love to see one of myself.

Gladly! I’ll sling you a PM for the details when I get the chance!