TTV MB-verse: displaced (RP topic)

Error watches in enthusiasm.

Mistika Fan fell while writing something, probably something to Lego David, he felt himself split in two, he split into two people
“Hello Mistika!” Smiled the other “I guess you can call me Phantoka Fan!” Before Mistika fan could go after him he heard something that caught his attention
“Just do it!” a man yelled, Mistika Fan ran over, watching them, he saw a figure growl as what he thought was a manwatched in enthusiasm, who were they? Thought Mistika Fan, and where was he? It was like a sort of place, like a topic on the message boards? No, that was impossible, not even someone like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerburg could make this, much less the people at TTV, the two figures squabbling confused Mistika Fan but he continued watching them

Suddenly, a figure appeared before phantoka fan. It was The Glitchmaster. “I’m sure you’re confused, aren’t you?” He asked.

Zablex’s arms sparked and he backed off in pain, the attempted eye color wasn’t achieved, instead its iris was able to change shape and colors at the creature’s will.

“If we’re done here with our new Sith Leviathan beast,” he groaned, “I think we’ve kept your User waiting long enough.”

A Xir’algath soldier contacted Glitchmaster, informing him that its master (Zablex) wasn’t going to be present for the summons but would have a Xir’algath attend to keep him appraised on the events of the talks.

“Uh, kind of like, I’ve just ran away from my own self!” Phantoka Fan laughed “Who gets to say that often?” The Glitchmaster wasn’t listening and suddeny he was talking to
a Xir’algath soldier “Who are you and where am I anyway, I was running too fast to take in the sights, it’s almost like the message boards”

Mistika Fan just watched the two figures and a beast talk
“If we’re done here with our new Sith Leviathan beast,” Zablex groaned, “I think we’ve kept your User waiting long enough.”
“What are they?” Mistika Fan muttered, he realised he might have said things too loud as he ran out but he went the wrong way, right up to Zablex…

OOC: excuse me, please refrain from taking control over other people’s characters without permission. I recommend brushing up on the rules.

IC: Zablex glared at MistikaFan, “Are you a Glitch or a User?” He asked, brandishing his clawed gauntlets.

OOC: Sorry dude, forgot about that

IC: “What even are those!?” Mistika Fan asked

“Right! Let’s go!” he said, teleporting away.

OOC: No worries, just keep that in mind as you play. I embedded a link to the rules topic in my earlier post for you.

IC: Zablex saw the blood and a sense of danger emanated from him, “You’re a User.” He growled.

He looks at Error, “Looks like we’re gonna have done fun after all.” He said, the tone showing that “fun” meant something painful for MistikaFan.

Seeing Error vanish, he growls angrily, “Another time, User.” He then vanishes with the monster to follow Error to parts unknown to MistikaFan.

Error was just five topics away this time.
“Who was that guy?” he asked Zabex when he arrived.

“A new User.” He answered, “he seemed unaware of the proverbial bullet he dodged when we left.”

OOC: Okay…who’s got control of the monstrosity we’ve created? You, me or Mctoran?

“Oh… Do you want to go and kill him before we kill Vladin?”

OOC: I’d say either you or Mctoran, but seeing that he has many other rps to GM, I’d say that you would be the most economic and best choice.

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Zablex nods, “Best to nip a problem in the bud before it can take root.”

He prepares to teleport back to where he last saw MistikaFan.

OOC: noted. This ought to be fun. :fire::smiling_imp::fire:

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“Wait! Shouldn’t we also corrupt the creation of this topic, to be four against one so it would be funnier?”

“And what creature is that?” He asked looking for their prey.

He looked around, before he saw two huge pair of black hands floating around above them.
“Man! And I thought the frog was weird!”

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Zablex laughed, his hands sparking with red arcs of corrupt data, “Perfect.” He growled.

He approaches the two disembodied hands and prepares to corrupt them, intending to twist them into nightmarish monstrosities.

OOC: look up “okami Yami hand” and the hand part is basically what he wants it to look like, minus the core at the center of the palm and giant ball it’s connected to.

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Zablex, once again, took some pop-corn.

OOC: I think you should have asked the basics of this rp before you get into it. You can’t pass from a forum to another, especially when we talk about different categories. It takes a very long time to even pass from a category to another. So your character should still be in the topic with the red frog.

The hands convulse as red energy courses through them. The end result is two mechanical stone hands with red light piping like circuitry. The fingers each ended at a point that was as sharp as a dagger.

Zablex jumps down as the two hands hovered menacingly above them, “Now, let’s find out new friend.” He said as he began to return to where they last saw the User, taking the hands and spikey frog-Cthulhu monster with him.

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OOC: Yeah I forgot that, just forget that entire post I wrote also do glitches know they are glitches?

“Where am I?” Yelled Mistika fan, no one heard him “Well at least I’m not stuck with those guys eh? Or maybe I am!” Mistika Fan turned to see something “Wait whoever is there, don’t kill me I like this girl and I need to get more years of life experience!”

Phantoka Fan walked off, he was sick of waiting for the Xir’algath soldier, he wanted something to kill now, maybe he could kill Mistika Fan!?