TTV Member Kaita

So ever since I saw Venom’s MOCs of the TTV, I wanted to try my hand at creating the members. However, I never saw a way to make the main six, as I lacked a golden Miru for Eljay, a black Kakama for Var, and a Metru Blue Ruru for Ven. Then, not too long ago, I saw this topic and I thought to myself, “ya know, that’s a pretty cool idea.”

So may I introduce you to…

(name stolen from @CausticKrana)

This hulking monstrosity is the Kaita form of @Mesonak and @Venom. I tried my best to replicate elements from Ven’s MOCs while still retaining some of my own flair.

View of the not-so-great back.

A closer look at Venomak’s weapon of choice, the Ultimate Shredder Claws of Hype.

“Hello everybody, and welcome to MARDI GRAS”

Next we have…


The Kaita form of @Kahi and @IllustriousVar. I’m not entirely happy with how this turned out, but I’d figure I’d put it up here nonetheless.

Back view.

Action-y shot.

Lastly we have…
coming soon…(i.e., never)


Venomak rocks, but I think Kahderan could use some wider shoulders.

And maybe a longer torso.

Either way, both of these are fantastic, and I look forward to the Elper MOC.

Do you have a Mahiki for it to have Viper’s face?


Yeah, IDK where I was going with Kahderan. In addition to having a weird body shape, it kinda just looks like Kahi with some black parts. I would have stuck some white CCBS in there, but I don’t have any. :confused:

Also, yes I have a Mahiki. :slight_smile:


Oh, also, maybe a fusion of Takuma and Exx, should we ever actually see what their MOC reps look like.


I was thinking the same thing. Woulda made it but I donknow what they look like. :confused:

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Great job mate. 12/10, for realsies. I can’t wait for Elper

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This is just… wow. The Venomak one is very cool, though.

Elper needs to have a two sided head, one side having the Miru and the other the Mahiki.

It must be done.

I don’t know why.

fades into the night

Kaita have three members, not two


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Normally yes, but combos of two have been observed.

Case in point: Prototype.

“Many years before the Great Cataclysm, a Dark Hunter discovered the Spear of Fusion. Deciding to test it out, he found a pair of Toa, one of Earth and one of Fire, and used it on them just when they were combining.


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That’s not a Kaita. That’s a Fusion. Kaita are always three-member combinations.

Burn via plasma blast

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Well for lack of a better word I put Kaita.

Because it sounds cooler than fusions.


These are awesome.

You should fuse Eljay and Meso.

Fuse Alena and Eljay!

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Oh yeah

Both these MOCs were sacrificed to the Community MOC gods

Don’t expect more any time soon

Jogn was here