TTV Message Boards - 1st Anniversary Community Contest!

So, do we (the members) vote on which entries get to the top four and then you guys choose who gets the grand prize? Or is it the other way around?

Yuppity yup!


Whoa, literature? Really?!

Does Tahu X Gali fanfic work?

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NO! HOW DARE YOU!? -_- Get that OUT OF HERE!

In all seriousness pls no. But it would probably count.


Looks at the 787-word essay so far.

This’ll be easy.

LOL, just kidding. I have something better in mind.

So, serious question: Say we want to enter all four categories. If we want to create topics for them, should we make a separate topic for each, or one topic containing them all?


This’ll be weird is what it’ll be @Patriotic_YGram
We work on a serial together and now we’re being torn apart.


I’ve taken some suggestions from @Political_Slime in regards to some of the guidelines to this contest.

As such a few changes have been made:

  • We’ve decided to remove the grand prize- it’s not fair to compete
    different categories against each other.

  • You are only allowed to make one entry per person and enter in a
    single category (as opposed to the multiple entries rule we had
    before). This way we can avoid having a single member win in multiple categories.

  • Use of modified or non-LEGO parts is no longer allowed.

Apologies if anyone has already begun working on their entries- hopefully this change doesn’t effect your plans too much.


I was going to mention this before. Glad it’s being changed.


Wait a minute, though… why not just go to the next person in line, then, if somebody starts winning in more than one category? Otherwise, this just makes it extremely hard to pick between categories… and it lowers everybody’s chances of winning.


These are all standard rules for any contest with different categories, @Jakura_Nuva. No use of non LEGO parts shouldn’t be that hard, most of the amazing MOCs I’ve seen are pure LEGO. No need to get your aquaman in a twist.


That was more sarcasm than anything… the “only one entry” thing is what really bugs me.

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/s. It can come in handy.
Anyways, thanks for clearing that up. Good to know we don’t have another over reactor on the boards.

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Yeah. Not trying to overreact; just mildly ticked off.

Welp, time to suck it up and get to work. See you guys on the flip side.

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Sounds interesting.

What to do, what to do…

But of course this takes place during the week I’m away from my resources. Oh well, random sketch it is!


This is the most beautiful competition I have ev-

Well scratch that


Don’t worry. I’ve finished most of it.

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Your short story or the serial?

Well, I better get typin’
cracks fingers

Jeez, is there anyone planning on doing artwork? Everyone so far seems to be aiming for the literature category, LOL.