TTV: On Air MakutaFest Trailer!

We're releasing it in time for Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters today!

Hope you enjoy!


Missed MakutaFest, didn't see it the first time, my reaction: Oh wow they are really going for the whole Guardians trailer aren't they... Lol Ven is the Groot equiv. CAN'T WAIT! Lol before BioCraft.

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Love it! Also, great attention to detail on the profiles. Personal favorite moment: Eljay: relationships(?): See file [473N4]


That was beautiful. Took me awhile to realize it was actually a trailer and not just a parody.

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in time for

Barely on time, but great job finally getting it up Kahi. =P

I love this. This trailer is, quite seriously, one of the most amazing videos that I've ever seen on YouTube. The part in which you guys are profiled and described in the style of that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is spot-on in both the pacing and the jokes.


"This all sounds rather... HIGHLY SUSPECT."

Gets me every time. XD

Great job and such. Glad it's finally been released!



Coming Soon (Before Biocraft)

Are you kidding me.


Saw it during makuta feat and it's even better the secound time xD

Btw I listened to episode 100 the other day and just noticed how many "on air" references there were in that episode.


Mardi Gras! Great job on the trailer. I missed Tumafest stuck_out_tongue but at least I see it now.

Wait! I just realized Invi isn't in this! I know he's going to be gone for 2 years but at least a nod to him in the series would be cool.


am I the only one who noticed 473N4 in Eljay's relationships? If you don't understand it, it spells out ALENA 4=A 7=L 3=E N=N and 4=A. It was very subtle and I commend everyone involved for that attention to detail.


Trust me; he'll be involved. He just won't be a regular mainstay and, as such, wasn't in the trailer. We've been brainstorming a lot of creative ways to keep him a part of the series, though. smiley


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What about Kini?

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He's the MIA Sniper.


He's probably going to rarely be seen.

Also, the cult in trailer is tots iBIONICLE, thus confirming iBIONICLE is Illuminati.

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What does the guy on the lawn say, yknow, the one Kahi punches? I still can't make it out

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Nuhp. Dis here's muh wall. You can't make me do anythin'.

that captured the accent perfectly

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lol thanks. Venom capturing the character perfectlly XD. Also, who is it voiced by? curious once again

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