TTV One-shots!

This will be a series of short stories, about a few paragraphs long, focused on a certain member and some kind of joke/escapade involving him/her. It all depends on what inspiration I have for what circumstances happen. Hopefully I'll get the first one up soon.


Takuma eating something. Like a cheeseburger.

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Var tells everyone they are fired

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Var tells Dimentio he's hired.


Doctor Kestora glanced up from the report handed to him by his assistant. He adjusted his glasses and sighed before speaking.
"And you're sure that the patient is perfectly fine?"
The assistant nodded.
"It's unlike anything I have ever seen. One hour ago Vuhii's disease was terminal, but we allowed him to listen to his favorite podcast and, well, he's cured."
Kestora began rubbing his eyebrow (or where they would be), a nervous habit of his. This outcome was unheard of in any medical circles. It almost seemed like a miracle. Almost.
"So, what exactly did he listen to?"
"He said it was a TTB podcast."
"Hmm..." The doctor went deep into thought. He was hoping to test out some new drug on his patient, whether it was safe or not. With this development, he wouldn't be able to experiment, legally that is.
"What did Vuhii say cured him?"
"He said it was, umm, laughing."
"Laughing?" Dr. Kestora was taken aback. How could any laughing be this powerful to bring someone back from the brink? He would have to study this more.
"Well, there's nothing we can do except to discharge the patient. But implant a tracker in him. I want him monitored."

The first story is not very long, but it should prove humorous.

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