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new podcast is up
TTV Podcast - 158 - Some Kind of Skull Slicer


That was a good Podcast. I liked it. :smile:

One word: Books!
But, yeah this is one of the best episodes yet. This kinda got my hype for Takuma’s RPG.


lol, thanks for making this, I completely forgot yesterday. XD

Good episode was good.



I think it would make sense if the villains were nicknamed “Slicer”, “Basher”, “Grinder”, etc. when they were alive. And the “Skull” part was added when they were reanimated as skeletons.

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That RPG story was amazing.


When I was little, my favorite book series were Magic Tree House, Norby, Redwall, and Dragons in our Midst. At least, those are the ones that come to mind. To this day, I respect them.

I completely forgot about the podcast yesterday…

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I still need to listen to it.

at the part when they were talking about MadMax: Fury Road (awesome movie) @Kahi basically said that worldbuilding is best done in a visual medium like movies and while I agree that it is much easier to tell someone about culture in movies there is one example of a writen story that has some of the best worldbuilding I’ve ever seen, at 620,000 words introducing Fallout: Equestria
This is in my own opinion the single handedly best Fan-literature ever written, it has so much detail and attention to the world that it has it’s own identity. When I think of it I think of a unique, fleshed-out world and not some ponies copy and pasted into the Fallout games.


With Eljay being absent, I felt that the cast weren’t screaming as much as usual :smile:

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yeah, I waited a little bit, but then I assumed you were asleep or something

but yeah, no names for the skull villains makes me sad too


Wow, I knew Var was into horror stuff, but he’s never gotten nightmares from a movie! My nightmares are still haunted by a picture book, A Bad Case of Stripes.

This episode inspired me to write a Fanfiction on Skull Slicer’s origin. It’s written out, I just have to type it up, and then I’ll post it.

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7/10 Not bad

This doesn’t make sense, ponies, can’t shoot guns, they have no hands…

firstly unicorns have the capability to cast spells the first that most learn is telekinesis allowing them to use firearms with little difficulty. If you had given the post more than a second glance that would be obvious.
second most weapons in the Equestrian wasteland are designed to function with pony anatomy either a pistol with a specialized mouth-grip
or the larger and more complex Battle saddles.

again support for my argument that world building can be mastered even in book format.

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Um yeah, it is this little thing called a joke…

well it wasn’t very funny or obvious that it was a joke

Yeah, I always forget to use /s, sorry…

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