TTV Podcast Episode 148 Discussion

Flies and an early release surprise. Along with a considerable amount of A+ speculation, this episode was great. What did you think? Did you agree with the speculation? Discuss!


I really enjoyed this episode, lots of speculation, and lots of laughs.

I think Eljay's idea of the Skull Villains being guardians could still work. Yes, Okoto was living in a time of peace before Makuta turned on them, but there could have been a time of war even further in the past. We don't know how long they have been buried there, so they very well could have been guardians in a time long past protecting their tribe/village from some other unknown evil.

I could be completely wrong though, only time will tell.


Maybe they were zombies that came back to life after Morgan freeman talked near their graves.


It was great! The speculation got me making theories.

Wait! maybe they are the Toa from the future trying to take the current Toa's masks because the masks have something to do with them dieing!

'Twas pretty good.